Jasper has slept through lots of visits from potential adopters at a shelter in the U.K.

The staff at the Dogs Trust Snetterton shelter in the U.K. are afraid Jasper has been overlooked by 2,000 potential new owners in the last six months for one reason: he’s always asleep when they visit. The beautiful 3-year-old Greyhound is apparently quite comfortable at the shelter. “We take in hundreds of dogs of all shapes and sizes but I have never met a dog who sleeps quite as much as Jasper,” said shelter spokeswoman Lara Murphy in a press release. “He is a real character and, when he is awake, is a sweet-natured, fun-loving, affectionate lad who adores people and playing games. Jasper is exceptionally handsome so it’s a bit of a shame he is often snoozing when he could be showing himself off to potential owners. He is a young happy, healthy dog who, like some people, just happens to really enjoy sleeping.” We’re with you, Jasper, and we’re crossing our fingers that you’ll soon find an owner who’ll be happy to have you curl up with them for a cozy nap! — Read it at the Huffington Post