With the presidential election just a few weeks away, everyone is making their predictions for the winner — even Gnocchi the squirrel.

Sound nuts?

Gnocchi, who was rescued by Serena and Chris Ash nine years ago, makes his home in a cage at a Charleston, S.C., bike shop, where he also does his prognosticating, CNN affiliate WCBD reports.

To cast his vote, Gnocchi uses two bowls of walnuts, each with a photo of one of the candidates. The bowl that he eats the most nuts from within 30 minutes is his winner.

Gnocchi accurately predicted that Barack Obama would win the election in 2008. But this time, he’s putting his bets on Mitt Romney. On the day WCBD of Charleston was at the shop, he repeatedly went with the Republican ticket.

“I kind of thought that animals always have a sense,” Serena Ash said.

Only time will tell if this prognosticating squirrel has his nuts in a row.