Rescuers are looking for a special home for a spunky special needs kitten. Tumbelina was born with cerebellar hypoplasia, a rare condition that makes it impossible for her to walk on her own. Her legs cross, so she trips after trying to take a step. She was saved from a kill shelter by Valley Cats Inc. in Los Angeles. Tumbelina now has a four-wheel buggy that helps her to get around without falling. “She is a brilliant mind trapped in her body. Equate it, almost, to being like a Stephen Hawking cat,” says rescuer Yvette in a Pet Collection video about Tumbelina. “We knew when we saw her we had to take her and give her the best shot at life she would have, for as long as she would have it.” The rescue is looking for a forever home for this “bundle of love and joy.” — Read it at Seattle’s Q13 Fox