The Olympic equestrian sport of dressage is often dismissed as an elitist pastime that tends to attract such high society folks as Queen Elizabeth's granddaughter, Zara Phillips.

But ever since Ann Romney’s horse, Rafalca, competed in the Olympic trials, talk show host Stephen Colbert has made it his mission to turn the sport into something that even “Joe Six Pack” can enjoy.

Colbert Suits Up for a Proper Tutorial

To prove that anyone can pick up horse ballet, the satirist took a 20-minute lesson from former dressage Olympian Michael Barisone.

After asking some essential questions in a segment that aired on Monday, Colbert mounted his equine dance partner, Conchita.

As you'll see in the below clip, the comedian had to successfully perform a piaff — “fancy prancing” in Colbert-speak — in order to fulfill a deeply held dream to don a dressage tiara.