The holiday season is coming to a close, but a new Taylor Swift video is still making spirits bright. No, it’s not a new music video for another catchy song from the singer’s 1989 album — it’s a video showing how Swift (and her cats, Meredith and Olivia) bought, wrapped and, in some cases, even delivered Hanukkah and Christmas (Swiftmas?) gifts to fans around the country.

The cats do more than just sit around looking adorable. They’re featured in the video. "Meredith, that is Sophie’s blanket. I can’t even — I can’t even believe this. That is so rude," Swift says, gently chastising the Scottish Fold for curling up on a gift waiting to be wrapped.

Olivia gets in on the action, too, in a way that anyone who tried to wrap gifts this year with a cat on hand will appreciate. "You sitting on them, and biting the wrapping paper, has really sped up the process. And I’m sure that Michelle will really appreciate having holes in her presents. Thanks, Olivia," Swift says.

If this video does nothing else, it makes it clear that Swift has serious superpowers. Not only is she able to write and sing songs that we positively cannot get out of our heads (we’ve been shaking it off for months now) and look unreasonably chic leaving the gym, but she’s also apparently able to keep her cats out of boxes (if not off of presents).

How does she do it?