Text from Dog

Ever wonder what your dog would text to you if he had a phone, fingers, and a grasp of the English language? There's a book for that.

On October 25 you’ll be able to read the hilarious text messages between October Jones and his dog Cooper not just on your computer screen, but in print. The popular Tumblr recently nabbed a book deal from Headline Publishing, reports Mashable.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with Text From Dog, the basic premise is that October Jones puts up with his dog Cooper’s constant text messages (that are so urgent that they’re in all caps and sometimes include a curse word or two) asking for attention, food and tennis balls. So, he’s just like a many of our own demanding and tennis ball obsessed canines, but he can talk. Erm, text, at least.

(Speaking of texting, how does he do that without opposable thumbs? Maybe the book will enlighten us.) 

We can only assume that the book will be just as funny as the blog and we plan to add it to the Crittr bookshelves this fall.