Don’t have a Valentine this year? Don’t worry. We found some hot bachelors who want to buy you flowers and dinner tonight. Plus, there’s no need to hire a pet sitter. If you have to bring Fido along as your third wheel, it’s totally fine. In fact, these men would actually prefer the company of you and your pet because they’re all animal-loving veterinarians.

Take a look at these seven stock photography vet models, and tell us: Which one would be your Valentine?

Dr. Ryan is a Gemini who spends his days curing sick puppies and kittens, and he'd love to spend his nights curled up by a cozy fire — with you.

Dr. Dave takes pride in being the resident funnyman at his clinic. His hobbies include wit, sarcasm, slapstick comedy and making you laugh. Don't be startled if he occasionally practices making confused Yorkshire Terrier faces in the bathroom mirror — it's just a phase, we promise.

After a long day of resuscitating gerbils, Dr. Dylan likes to kick back in his trendy studio apartment with floor-to-ceiling windows and a gorgeous view of the city. Perhaps he'll fix himself a steaming cup of expensive tea and catch up on his DVR'd episodes of Downton Abbey.

Dr. Brody does his own laundry, alphabetizes his impressive collection of classic action films, and somehow fits in two hours a day to train for triathlons. Oh, and every Wednesday he has lunch with his 94-year-old grandmother.

Dr. Mike is the epitome of a true romantic. He enjoys good champagne, long walks on the beach, and sharing dusty volumes of Transcendentalist poetry from the secondhand bookstore around the corner. He cried at the end of Titantic, and he understands that a woman's heart is a deep ocean of secrets.

Kitty’s got a boo-boo? Feet ache from a long day at work? House a wreck? Shh. Just relax, Dr. Derek will take care of it all.

If you or your pet is ever in trouble, Dr. Luke will literally ride in on his white steed to save the day. The handsome vet lives all alone on a country estate with his noble horse and three Golden Retriever puppies.