The garbage man, the mailman, the cleaning person with the terrifying vacuum — chances are, your dog takes a perplexing dislike to some regular visitor. But why? We got inside your canine’s head for this humorous list of the seven people that tend to unnerve dogs.

1. The Mail Carrier

"I don’t trust this guy. He comes to the house every single day but he never brings me any presents. Forget that! Good thing my barking scares him away."

Dog hates mailman

2. The Plumber

"This one’s always tinkering behind my fancy water bowl (the toilet) and underneath the cat’s throne (the kitchen sink). What’s he doing, anyway?"

Dog hates plumber

3. The Garbage Collector

"Thanks to my keen canine hearing, I can sense the big, screechy garbage truck rumbling down the street even before my people do. And don’t even get me started on the recycling truck. Seriously."

Dog hates garbage truck

4. The Delivery Person

"OK, let’s get this straight. This one has the nerve to walk up the driveway, ring the doorbell — and then not come in to play when my human opens the door?"

Person Delivering Packages

5. The Meter Reader

"This one’s always sneaking around outside, thinking I don’t hear him. I suspect he’s in cahoots with the mailman."

Dog hates meter reader

6. The Boyfriend

"How dare my human pay attention to another being while in my presence. Move over, buddy. Those snuggles should be mine."

Dog hates boyfriend

7. The Cleaning Person

"Wait! Is that the closet where they keep the… Runnnnnnnnnnnn!"

Person Vacuuming

Have we missed any classic canine-human rivalries? Let us know in the comments whom your dog seems to hate.

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