We last saw Siku, the adorable 3-month-old polar bear cub who’s being hand-raised at the Scandinavian Wildlife Park, attempting to stand. But this cub changes fast! So, to mark International Polar Bear Day, we thought we would check in on the little guy again.

“Little Siku is walking now and is busy exploring his new environment,” reports Barbara Nielsen, director of communications for Polar Bears International, a conservation group. Nielsen just got an update on Siku from his handler, Frank Vigh-Larsen, this week.

Perhaps not surprisingly, Siku, whose name means “sea ice” in Eskimo, loves snow. And he’s now made a permanent move outdoors. This video of him playing in the snow is a must-see.

“The first time he saw snow, he rolled in it, sniffed it and then played snow plow,” Nielsen says.

The feisty bear recently discovered a pond for the first time. “He put one paw in, then the other, and then did a belly flop!”

"He meets any new challenge full steam ahead,” says handler Vigh-Larsen. “His confidence is tops."

Catch Siku on His Live Cam

In addition to spending his time being adorable, Siku has a big job: He’s an ambassador for his wild cousins in the Arctic, where polar bears are threatened by global warming. The changing climate causes sea ice to melt, limiting a polar bear's ability to hunt for food.

If you can’t get enough of him, International Polar Bear Day marks the launch of a live cam where you’ll be able to watch Siku from 10 a.m. to noon EST each day at explore.org/siku and polarbearcam.com.

The Siku Cam is a collaborative effort among the Scandinavian Wildlife Park where Siku lives, Polar Bears International and explore.org, a philanthropic media organization and multimedia arm of The Annenberg Foundation.