This week is Take Your Pet to Work Week, and we know you're just as excited as we are to bring your beloved animal to the office. In the spirit of this very important holiday, we asked our cats and dogs for their best workplace etiquette do's and don'ts — and here they are!

Do obey the dress code. (But remember: Pants are optional.)

Lab Wearing Suit and Glasses

Don't insist on cuddling with the employee who's most allergic to cats.

Furry Cat in Lap

Don't be the guy who spends his entire workday watching bird videos on YouTube.

Cat Watching Videos

Do wear a headset when you're on the phone. No one wants to hear about Mitzi's mange.

Dog With Headset

Don't terrify the interns by hiding in the trash bin next to the copier, no matter how funny they look when you jump out.

Cat Hiding in Trash Can

Do control your laughter when perusing I Can Has Cheezburger? and reading BuzzFeed listicles about 27 ways you know you were a puppy of the ’90s.

Dog Watching Computer

And, please, for dog's sake, don't ever, ever, ever hit "Reply All."

Cat on Computer

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