We’re all kind of crazy when it comes to our pets, aren’t we? Some of us, however, take that silliness to oddball extremes at times.

But considering our degree of adoration, perhaps we can be forgiven.

Well . . . mostly, anyway.

I’ll leave it up to you to decide whether or not you think I'm mad for some of the silly things that I do for my beloved pets:

Pups All Dressed Up

At least once a year, Miamians like me flock to South Beach to take our freak flag out for a stroll along Lincoln Road. And at no time is this more fun to do than around Halloween, when it seems that everyone is outfitting their canines for an unofficial contest celebrating outlandish animal outfits.

Halloween is fun, but once a year is not enough for me — which is why I dress up my pups every once in a while just for kicks. My Frenchie Vincent can really rock the fairy wings.

Doing the Downward Dog

I like yoga. I love dogs. Something in between sometimes happens when I roll out my mat at home.

It probably looks more like Twister than a proper Vinyasa session as my pups take turns crawling around me and licking my face.

There's actually a name for it: doga. If you happen to be in South Beach early on a Sunday morning, check out the doga happening in South Point Park. I promise that you’ll be entertained.

Hearts, Gizzards and Livers . . . Oh, My!

I know it sounds gross, but sautéing and then freezing delicious animal parts for some simple, homemade treat action is both entertaining and rewarding. Call me a carnivore voyeur, but watching my dogs and cats chew up a frozen chicken heart is just adorable.

My dogs’ favorite? Organ meat popsicles. It’s super easy: Just freeze cooked hearts and chicken livers in chicken stock, and let your dogs lick it until it’s melted.

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