Caroline Golon, the human behind popular blog Romeo the Cat, shares stories of pet owners who’ve gone the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.

When Rachel Lucas of San Diego, Calif., decided it was time to get back in shape, she had no idea that her dog, Kirin Ichiban, and an unexpected exercise program, would be the keys to her success.

A Different Kind of Workout

Lucas’ sedentary job and lifestyle had caused her to gain weight that she was ready to shed. When she learned that a local personal trainer had started a company called Leash Your Fitness, and was offering a variety of classes where her clients and their dogs could work out together, Lucas decided to try it out. The classes feature boot camp–type fitness activities for humans that revolve around dog obedience and agility. She was also excited to spend more time with Kirin, the 7-year-old black Lab mix she and her husband, Dean, had adopted from a shelter.

“Kirin’s the love of our lives,” says Lucas. “Dean works at a dog-friendly company, so sometimes he takes her to work. I never get to do that, so this sounded like something fun Kirin and I could do together,” she explains.

Since joining the classes, Lucas has lost 25 pounds and noticed an increase in her fitness level and motivation. “The classes with Kirin make me enjoy working out and give me the tools for Kirin and I to work out on our own too,” says Lucas.

Fun for the Dog

Lucas says Kirin enjoys the twice-weekly classes as much as she does. “When she sees the leash we use, she gets excited. She sits by the door, tail wagging and ready to go!”

And Lucas has noticed an improvement in Kirin’s obedience and behavior. “She’s more mellow now and much more obedient,” she says. “In the beginning, pulling was a big problem with her, but she’s gotten so much better in her ability to sit and listen to commands in an environment full of distraction.”

Lucas is thrilled with the positive impact the classes have made on both she and Kirin. “We’ve always been close, but this is something that just she and I do, and it’s our own special time together," she says. "It’s great to have her there because she adds a comedic element. You can’t take yourself too seriously with the dog there!”

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