Caroline Golon, the human behind the popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, shares the stories of pet owners who go the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.

Kimberly Gauthier and Johann Kingsberry of Marysville, Wash., do many things to keep their three dogs, Rodrigo, Sydney and Blue, comfortable and happy. The first time they heated up their pups' bedding at night, however, they only intended it to be a onetime treat. But when they discovered how much their dogs loved it, they made it a regular habit!

It All Started With the Warm Laundry Pile

Like most dogs, Gauthier's pooches can’t resist a pile of fresh laundry right out of the dryer. “Every time I have clean laundry, it ends up on the floor with a dirty dog,” Gauthier says, laughing. “That’s what gave me the idea to heat up their bedding.”

The dogs typically crash in Gauthier’s garage at night, where they have access to the fenced-in yard and can come and go as they please. With five dog beds, a big overstuffed chair and plenty of blankets, the dogs have lots of cozy places to snuggle into at night. It doesn’t get very cold where they live, Gauthier says, but one night she decided to warm up their bedding in the dryer before they went to bed. “They couldn’t wait to get on the warmed-up bedding!” Gauthier says.

Because the dogs enjoyed it so much, soon the dryer ritual became a nightly event and included several loads of dog bed covers and blankets. “Yeah, it’s an ordeal,” Gauthier admits.

And, while Kingsberry at first teased Gauthier for spoiling the dogs like this, “The best was when I caught Johann warming up a blanket for Sydney!” Gauther says with a laugh.

But It Doesn't Stop There

The blanket warming is just one example of the couple's devotion to their dogs. Each day when the dogs come inside, Gauthier rubs down the pooches' bellies with witch hazel to make sure they don’t get a rash from any outdoor debris and wipes down and moisturizes their paws.

Sometimes, Gauthier will take Sydney on a special outing for some quiet "girl time" away from the more rambunctious male dogs. "She loves it," says Gauthier.

When she senses the dogs are bored, Gauthier will pile them into the car for a leisurely drive. And, while Johann draws the line at clothing or jewelry for the dogs, Gauthier says they do have "occasion" leashes. “They have one set for the dog park, one set for
 play dates, and then Sydney has her own set, because she's the only girl.” 

Gauthier makes no apologies for catering to her dogs’ needs. “Yes, I spoil my pets more
 than the average person,” she says proudly. “My three dogs are the light of my life.”

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