The Things We Do For Love

Caroline Golon, the human behind popular humor blog Romeo the Cat, will share the stories of pet owners who have gone the extra mile for their pets in this series, The Things We Do for Love.

Allie Maltese and her husband, Tanner Slomko, of San Diego, typically don’t travel without their 2.5-year-old French Bulldog, Ruby. But when they do, they put Ruby up at the swankiest doggie hotel in town.

Love at First Sight

Two years ago, Maltese and Slomko adopted Ruby from an acquaintance. The little spitfire instantly captured their hearts, and vice versa. Ruby has become such a central part of their lives that the trio is virtually inseparable. Ruby misses Maltese and Slomko when she is away from them. And, due to Ruby's need for frequent potty breaks and a daily medication she takes, she's not typically alone for long. Fortunately, the couple’s schedule is flexible, so there is always someone around to tend to Ruby’s needs. But the thought of leaving her with someone else was a source of tremendous angst for Maltese.

Pooch Hotel

First Time Away

When Maltese and Slomko planned to travel east to visit family over the holidays, Maltese was beside herself, trying to find a place for Ruby to stay. As relative newcomers to San Diego with no family nearby, Maltese and Slomko didn’t have many options. They wondered if they’d be able to take the trip after all.

The Perfect Solution

One day, while in Los Angeles for work, Maltese stumbled upon Pooch Hotel. “It was unlike anything I’d ever seen before,” she says. The hotel boasts a swimming pool, doggie cabanas and big, colorful play areas. “It looked like Disneyland for dogs!”

When she learned Pooch Hotel had a facility in San Diego, Maltese was ecstatic. She talked to managers at the San Diego location multiple times about the facility, its amenities and its staff.

The Things We Do for Love

After bringing Ruby to the hotel twice to get used to it, Maltese was ready to leave on her trip — and leave Ruby in the presidential suite, equipped with a human bed and a flat-screen TV with DogTV playing on it.

Maltese says the web cams in the Pooch Hotel rooms put her at ease while she was gone. “I checked it literally 30 times a day,” she says. And, because Pooch Hotel staff is accustomed to hosting dogs with a variety of needs, she knew Ruby was in good hands.

Maltese is confident her little dog enjoyed her five-night stay. And what’s not to love? “Someone comes in every night to do turn-down service and give belly rubs!” Maltese says.

Grateful to have an option for Ruby should they need to go out of town again, Maltese and Slomko don’t mind spending the extra money for the top-of-the-line accommodations. “Ruby is truly one of the best things that has ever happened to us,” Maltese says.

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