A new viral video that has earned nearly 700,000 views since it was posted two weeks ago tells the moving story of Gideon, a sick Pit Bull whose joyful personality was revealed after he was rescued by the Bill Foundation in Los Angeles.

The sweet dog was living in an abandoned lot, terrified and in pain when rescuers arrived to help him in December. The foundation’s Annie Hart captured the rescue on video as two of her partners worked for three hours to gain Gideon’s trust with pieces of hamburger.

Finally, he was willing to go with them.

Hart told the Huffington Post that Gideon was “by far one of the sickest dogs" she'd ever seen. He was suffering from lacerations and bacterial and fungal infections, and he was starving.

Gideon had a microchip, but his registered owners told the microchip company they didn’t want the dog anymore, Hart said. The rescuers immediately brought him to the Animal Wellness Centers in L.A., which covered his expensive treatment.

Three months later, Gideon seems almost unrecognizable. "His beautiful spirit blossomed while his body healed," Hart said.

For now, Gideon is living with a foster family and looking for the right person to adopt him.

To apply to adopt Gideon, you can visit the Animal Wellness Foundation.

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