Itching Misery Is More Than Skin Deep

When it comes to skin problems, pets are a lot like people. Just as itchy skin, rashes and sores can make people uncomfortable, they can make your pet miserable, too.

If you have a pet with a skin problem, you may be seeing some unusual behavior, such as constant scratching, rubbing, licking and chewing. These are all signs that something maybe wrong with your dog’s or cat’s skin.

The sooner you take action, the better. Because of your pet’s licking, chewing, scratching or rubbing, a seemingly harmless rash or itch can quickly become infected. Left untreated, skin infections become more difficult to treat.

Skin infections can have several causes, such as bacteria, yeast, fungi or viruses. The problem is that infections from different causes often look very much alike. That is why it is important to see a veterinarian to determine which type of infection your pet has, as well as the underlying cause of the infection.

Treatment of Bacterial Infections May Require Antibiotics

The most common type of skin infection is a bacterial infection (pyoderma). Bacteria live on healthy skin. That is not a problem until the skin is damaged, often by chewing, scratching or rubbing. Then the bacteria penetrate the skin, overgrow and cause infection.

If your veterinarian diagnoses a bacterial infection, he or she will likely recommend an oral antibiotic. A typical course of treatment for an oral antibiotic requires that you give your pet a pill twice a day for two weeks or longer.

Oral Antibiotics Can Challenge Pets and Owners

To be effective against bacteria, an antibiotic must be present above a certain concentration consistently in the pet’s system. If you miss a dose or are late with a dose, the antibiotic in your pet’s system can drop below the level necessary to kill the bacteria. Inconsistent dosing may cause the therapy to fail.

If you’re like many pet owners, giving your pet a pill multiple times a day may be stressful for you and your pet. Some pets are very defiant when it comes to taking medication. It’s not uncommon to find a pill you thought your pet swallowed hidden in a remote corner days later.

Even if your pet does cooperate, your personal schedule may prevent you from giving your pet medication at the required time. A successful oral antibiotic treatment requires discipline on your part. Staying late at work or forgetting the morning dose when rushing to an important appointment can throw off the therapeutic regimen and cause an antibiotic to drop below its effective level.

A Single Antibiotic Injection Treats Bacteria Up to 14 Days*

Now there is an antibiotic that eliminates the chances of missed doses. It is a single injection that your veterinarian gives to your pet at the clinic.

This single-injection antibiotic is called Convenia® (cefovecin sodium), and it provides up to 14 days of antimicrobial therapy* against bacteria that are the most common causes of skin infections in dogs & cats. In studies, CONVENIA demonstrated safety and efficacy with over 90% clinical success in treating common bacterial skin infections in dogs (secondary superficial pyoderma, abscesses and infected wounds) and cats (wounds and abscesses).1,2

If your pet suffers from bacterial skin infections, CONVENIA can provide peace of mind to you and relief to your pet.

If your pet has a bacterial skin infection, talk to your veterinarian about CONVENIA. While your pet is on the mend, you can focus on playing together instead of pilling.


A single injection of CONVENIA is as effective as twice-daily dosing for 14 days with an oral cephalosporin antibiotic.*

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: CONVENIA is not for use in dogs or cats with a history of allergic reactions to penicillins or cephalosporins. Similar to the other cephalosporins, side effects for both dogs and cats include vomiting, diarrhea, decreased appetite/anorexia and lethargy. The safety of CONVENIA has not been determined in lactating or breeding animals. Click here for full prescribing information.

* In clinical studies, a single injection of CONVENIA was clinically equivalent to a 14-day antibiotic regimen. Therapeutic concentration in cats is maintained for up to 7 days.

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