Tree kangaroo joey

It’s been five months since this endangered Matchie’s tree kangaroo was born at Zoo Miami, but only now is the public beginning to get a look at the little one.

Like most marsupials, tree kangaroos are only about the size of a jellybean when they’re born. They spend the next few months nursing and developing in mom’s pouch.

The joey has begun to stick its head outside, but it’s still hairless and will stay snuggled inside for several more months until it’s ready to leave the comfort of mom’s pouch, reports Zooborns.

Joeys aren’t completely weaned until they’re about a year old.

Although the joey will continue to develop a strong bond with its mom, it won’t have much social interaction after that. Matchie’s tree kangaroos, who are native to Papua New Guinea, spend most of their days hidden away in the tops of trees, munching on leaves, bark and moss. They’re mostly solitary animals, according to Zooborns.