We can’t believe it, but it has been five years since we launched vetstreet.com! As a special treat, we’ve rounded up our favorite Instagrams of pets celebrating their birthdays. It’s hard to resist a puppy in a party hat, and a rabbit who’s ready to party is downright precious. Here’s a big thank-you to all our loyal readers, and, please, enjoy these adorable animals on their special day.

The only thing cuter than a bunny in a posh party hat is two bunnies in party hats!

We humans are usually more excited about birthdays than our pets are. Ruby the Corgi seems kind of meh about her third birthday. We bet that cupcake is delicious though.

We think every kitty should have a stuffed animal buddy to help celebrate her big day.

Happy birthday to the coolest dragon on Instagram!

Check out this little guy's doppelgänger. This cute Puggle and his cake are just too much.

We bet this kitty got exactly what she wanted for her first birthday: a can of cat food!

Tanti auguri, Toby! That's Italian for "Happy birthday, Toby!" Toby got to spend his special day at a dog park in Italy that has a pool and an agility course. What fun!

We think all pets should get to celebrate their birthdays with unicorns. Only the best for our babies, right?

No birthday is complete without party hats, banners, beach balls and birthday cards.

Bexley the Bulldog just wants his humans to finish singing so he can devour that "cake."

We're the same age as this adorable Beagle! And we couldn't have gotten this far without our loyal readers. Whether this is your first visit to vetstreet.com or if you've been with us from the start, we can't thank you enough. Since vetstreet.com launched in 2011, we've gotten more than 588,000 Facebook fans and 10,700 Twitter followers. You can also find us on Pinterest, Instagram and Snapchat. We've produced more than 150 videos, more than 430 photo galleries and countless articles penned by our veterinarians. We hope to bring you many more years of expert pet content. Now excuse us, we've got some celebrating to do.
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