In need of something cute to give your day a little boost? We bet these videos of kittens playing will do the trick. It’s OK if you feel compelled to watch them multiple times — we sure did.

Abyssinian Kitten Plays With Cat Toys

We just can’t get enough of this sweet 3-and-a-half-month-old Abyssinian kitten playing with his favorite toy — a feather.–xNcA

Rosie the Kitten Won’t Let Lilo the Husky Sleep

Rosie, an adorable kitten, really wants to play. Her buddy Lilo, a Husky, really wants to sleep. Frankly, we can relate to both of them.

Milo Plays Fetch

Milo, a young Highland Lynx, loves playing fetch with crunch balls and proves he’s just as good (or better) at retrieving things as dogs are.

Ernie the Ocicat Plays in the Sink

There are some cats who might shy away from water, but Ernie, a playful Ocicat, isn’t one of them. He’s made this sink his own personal fountain. on Vetstreet: