Army Specialist John Nyerghes was separated from the explosives detection dog he worked with in Afghanistan three years ago. Nyerghes has been searching for Ranger ever since, and on Tuesday, they were finally reunited. Ranger was one of 12 war dogs who were abandoned at Mt. Hope Kennels in Virginia by a private contractor. When Ranger arrived, he was suffering from a piece of shrapnel stuck in his tail that hadn’t been discovered. The kennel owner, Gary Meredith, paid for Ranger’s surgery and nursed him back to health. “Ranger’s my favorite,” he said. He worked with Mission K9 Rescue and the U.S. War Dogs Association to reunite Ranger with Nyerghes, and drove him from Virginia to Ohio, where he’ll now live with Nyerghes. "I owe him my life,” Nyerghes said. "I intend to spoil him for the remainder of his." — Watch it at WKYC