I’ve always been a proponent of the as-many-pets-as-you-can-manage school of thought.

For me, however, the constant pressure to take on more is a daily stress that I must steel myself against. The "can I save hims?" and the "she’d love my packs!" are sometimes just too much for this veterinarian’s wanna-take-them-all-in mentality.

Add to this the fact that it’s been eight months since my milking goat, Tulip, passed away, and it only makes sense that I might be ready to take new and unusual animalia into my world.

Just musing on it even tangentially finds my pet-addled brain turning to pure fantasy for a fix that my current economic reality is unable to provide.

In other words, that’s when I get to researching animals and wondering what I'd do if I had room for a zoo . . .

My Little Pony

How hard would it be to keep just one rescue horse? I have the space. I already have to drive to the feed store every two weeks. My shed is hurricane-proofed — although just barely. And the rescue facilities are teeming with candidates.

How much would it really cost me to keep one shod and happy?

The Bee’s Knees

Call me a yuppie, single mom with a penchant for oddball pets, but I think bees would be too cool!

My sister did the beekeeping thing when she lived in upstate New York, and I think my neighbors would be totally OK with it.

But do I have what it takes to be that crazy bee lady? Um . . . yes  . . . totally!

Bunnies Gone Wild

After playing with so many TV rabbits this past Easter season, I've gone a tad over the deep end for them. They are so personable! Check out this video to see why Fletcher the Flemish Giant rabbit had my heart beating nearly as fast as his.

Goats Rock

There’s also the possibility of another goat. Call my broken heart forever scarred by the traumatic loss of my Tulip, but the desire to really, really have another one is more than tempered by the fear that something bad will happen again. Surely, I just need more time to heal . . .

A Full Henhouse

So what about chickens? I already have nine hens (down from a dozen during my flock’s peak), and here in eggland is where I’ve definitively decided to newly forge on in search of greater pet adventures. After all, I have the room, and the expenses are truly only slightly greater than they are at present. To boot, I have a friend who’s willing to take on chick-rearing detail in exchange for eggs!

So don't you know that I placed an order for half a dozen babes just yesterday?

And, rest assured, there will be a great many more to come.

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