jackson galaxy tee

The internet is full of good stuff. So much good stuff, in fact, that sometimes we can't give every cool thing we come across the individual attention it deserves. Still, we don't want you to miss out, so here are a few of our favorite things from the past week. Feel free to share your own favorites in the comments!

MLB All-Stars With Animal Names

Baseball players are such animals! Or, a lot of them have animal names (or nicknames), anyway. An article this week at the Wall Street Journal highlighted Major League Baseball All-Stars (past and present) with names like Mike Trout, Craig Swan, and Rabbit Maranville. Between the Fish, Birds and Mammals, who would win? Check out the full article to make your call.

Real Men Really Do Love Cats

If you didn't already realize that real men love cats, we've got plenty of proof. First off, the photographic evidence is over at LOLCATS, showing that real men head boop with kittens. Of course they do. But Catsparella is also getting in on the act, giving away a "Real Men Love Cats" tee from RC Tees; and yes, that's the same tee that My Cat From Hell's Jackson Galaxy has worn. The giveaway is open through Monday, but if you want a sure thing, you can purchase your own and feel extra awesome about doing so because for every "Real Men Love Cats" item purchased from the Etsy shop, Galaxy will donate $2 to Much Love Animal Rescue.

Duran Duran Members Miss Their Dogs on the Road

You might think that touring various countries as one of the world's most beloved bands would be a blast, but leaving home is hard for Duran Duran singer Simon LeBon and guitarist John Taylor for one simple reason; they hate leaving their pets behind, reports PeoplePets. It's not often that we identify with bonafied rock stars, but in this case, we know exactly how they feel.

NYC Buildings Do Doggie Day Care

The real estate market is a tough one, and a recent New York Times article highlights a new way property developers are luring in prospective residents: by offering doggie day care. The services will begin in select dog-friendly buildings at the beginning of August and will offer a dedicated shuttle to take dogs to and from day care at Spot Experience.