The Newfoundland, or Newfie, is generally a big, intelligent dog with a big heart. With proper training, he’s typically sweet, easygoing and patient. Learn more about this pup, who’s currently the 36th most popular dog breed registered by the American Kennel Club.

They can make excellent lifeguards.

Most Newfoundlands especially enjoy swimming and some can even bring a drowning adult human to shore. A Newfie named Rigel was aboard the Titanic when it sank and swam along with a lifeboat for a few hours, supposedly looking for his owner. The people in the lifeboat were almost run down by a steamship, but Rigel’s bark drew attention to them and the people — and Rigel — were saved.

They’re gentle giants.

The Newfie is one large dog — he stands 26 to 28 inches at the shoulder and can weigh between 100 and 150 pounds. But don’t let his size scare you. This pup is generally calm and friendly.

They typically love kids.

Remember Nana, the Newfie nursemaid in “Peter Pan?” Newfies usually get along with children, though you won’t want to use one as your sole babysitter.

They’re hard workers.

Years ago in Newfoundland, this working dog pulled carts, swam lifelines to shipwreck victims, pulled children from water and helped fishermen haul in heavy nets. Although he’s not usually quite that much of a workaholic these days, he still tends to enjoy hiking and swimming.

Their kisses may be extra slobbery.           

This is a dog that slobbers and drools. Newfies have deep lips that collect saliva. Don’t believe breeders who say they breed “dry-mouth” dogs.

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