Two Rottweilers in Grass
The Rottweiler is quite recognizable, with his large head, muscled body and distinct black and tan markings. He’s also quite the individual. Some can be serious and reserved; others can be silly and fun-loving. With structured, consistent training and socialization around children and other pets, he can be a great family dog. Learn more about this big guy and see if he might be the right dog breed for you.

They can be protective.

A typically loyal guy, the Rottweiler is usually a loving family member who looks out for his family. In fact, some Rottweilers won’t permit strangers into their homes or onto their property unless their owners welcome them first, and some won’t let people they know into their houses if their owners aren’t there.

They’re often thinkers.

Despite the Rottweiler’s size, he’s not innately a guard dog. Often, his first reaction is to step back and assess a situation before acting.

They usually don’t mind some alone time.

Though the Rottweiler often loves to be with his favorite humans, he usually doesn’t mind having a little "me" time. This trait can make him a good dog for people who work during the day. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can leave this breed alone for long stretches of time, and you should never leave him chained or confined in a yard all day.

They’re no strangers to work.

A true Working dog, the Rottweiler can excel as a police dog, herding dog, service dog, therapy dog and obedience competitor.

They need plenty of exercise.

The Rottweiler tends to put on weight easily and needs a couple of walks every day, plus training and puzzle toys to help keep his mind and body in shape. He tends to thrive when he has work to do.

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