Three lion cubs were born at Zoo Miami on Sept. 24.

They’re the pride of Miami.

Three lion cubs — two boys and one girl — were born at Zoo Miami on Sept. 24 to first-time mom Kashifa, who’s 3 and a half years old. They’re the first lions to be born at the zoo.

The staff managed to get their hands on the newborns Oct. 1 so that they could give them their first health exam. The cubs were all deemed to be in excellent health and weighed between 3.5 and 3.8 pounds. Keepers will determine if it’s safe for them to join the rest of their pride, but it will likely be in about three months. Until then, they will remain off exhibit with Kashifa.

The zoo’s lion pride includes another adult female, Asha, and two adult males, Jabari and Kwame. The zoo says it’s unclear which of the two males is the father of the newborn cubs.

One of the lion cubs is calmly weighed while sitting in a bowl.

Two of the lion cubs snuggle in the cubbing den while awaiting their first exam.