10 Splurges for Your Favorite Pet

Whether you like to indulge your pet with fancy gifts or simply window shop for pricey pet tools, you'll want to check out these 10 products that caught our attention at Global Pet Expo 2012. From poop vacuums to crystal-covered leashes, these items are guaranteed to make your eyes — and maybe your bank account — pop.

Products From Global Pet Expo You Didn't Know You Needed

Auggie Dog Pooper Scooper

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Auggiedog Pooper Scooper, $129

How much would you pay to never again touch a smelly plastic bag of poop? The Auggiedog lets you clean up your yard after your canine's potty break without having to handle his mess. The device picks up the waste and keeps it out of sight (and smell) until you deposit it into a trash can or toilet; $129.

Boyd Enterprises Reef Aquaria Design

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Boyd Enterprises Reef Aquaria Design, $60,000

These custom-made aquariums from Boyd Enterprises will steal the show in any room. The reef aquaria model pictured will run you $50,000 for the wood casting, lighting and filtration system, plus an extra $10,000 for the interior contents, like fish and coral. But think what an impact it will make in your dining room!

Flexi Luxury Retractable Leash

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Flexi Luxury Retractable Leash, $240

These Flexi luxury leashes will certainly make your doggy diva feel like a star as she struts down the block. The model pictured is the "Glam Wings Medium," which has a 16-foot tape leash and is covered in Swarovski crystals; $240. Other blinged-out varieties include Glam Butterfly, Glam Spider and Glam Composition.

Of course, many vets have safety concerns about using retractable leashes, so if you don't choose to splash out on this one, you have a good excuse.

Go Pet Treadmill


GoPet Treadmill, $1,135

If you've noticed your pup packing on a few extra pounds (or if you want to keep your fit dog healthy), consider adding this gizmo to your home gym. The GoPet treadmill comes in seven models, based on your dog's weight, and allows you to adjust the incline of his walk. And if Rover needs a little more motivation, you can attach one of his toys to a metal eyelet on the machine. The GoPet retails for $1,135 for large breeds (maximum weight of 176 pounds).

Signature DNA Unleashed

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Signature DNA Unleashed Artwork and Jewelry, $499 - $1,200

This creative product uses a simple mouth swab to turn your pet's DNA into a work of art, so you can show everyone just how unique your four-legged friend is. The "Picture Personal" (shown below) retails for $499 unframed and $599 framed. Signature DNA has also introduced a jewelry line that allows you to capture your pet's double helix in stainless steel, sterling silver and gold. This wearable memento of your pup's DNA will cost you approximately $1,200, depending on the current price of gold. Call 1-855-802-6800 for jewelry orders.

Java Bird Sanctuary

Melanie Kramer, Vetstreet

A&E Cages Java Tree Playstand, $1,499

Your bird will have plenty of space to play and flap her feathers with this luxury bird tree. Crafted from java wood, the playstand has ample space between the branches for your curious bird to explore; $1,499 for model shown.

Unleashed Madison Bowl


Unleashed Life Madison Tables, $300

You spend a lot of time decorating your home, and you want your pets' possessions to fit in with the big picture. These sophisticated pet dining tables will blend in to any classic or contemporary home. The base is formed from ash wood and the table top from solid white granite; $300 for medium size (includes stainless steel bowls).

Air-Conditioned Dog House

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

ClimateRight Air Conditioner and Heater for Dog Houses, $599

If your pooch occasionally stays outdoors and you want to make extra sure your canine is comfortable in his dog house, the ClimateRight can safely manage the temperature of your pup's small enclosure. The portable machine heats in the winter and cools during the summer, in addition to filtering and dehumidifying the air; $599.

Beim Grooming Scissors


Geib Buttercut Grooming Shears, $1,439

This grooming set from Geib Buttercut includes three shears made from the same material as samurai swords. With a clip produced by these masterpieces, your pet will never have a bad hair day again; $1,439.

Sniff Pet Candles’ Fart & Away Candle

Allan Halprin, Vetstreet

Sniff Pet Candles' Fart & Away Candle, $32

While the price of this item doesn't compare with $1,400 grooming scissors, you may have never planned to splurge on a candle to deal with your dog's flatulence. The Fart & Away Candle combines floral ylang ylang, tuberose, white tea, myrtle and fennel to rid the room of those less-than-pleasant odors. From Sniff Pet Candles; $32.


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