About Us

About Covetrus

Covetrus Software Services offers unparalleled excellence in veterinary practice management software solutions.

We provide some of the longest-standing veterinary software systems in the world, including AVImark®, eVetPractice®, ImproMed®, and ImproMed® Equine in North America; RoboVet® and RxWorks® in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa; and VisionVPM® and RxWorks® in Australia and New Zealand.

We also offer solutions that integrate with our software platforms, including Vetstreet® and Rapport® marketing and communication services, reminder postcards, data backup services, hardware sales and support, and credit card processing.

Working together, we can help you achieve the freedom that comes from a successful veterinary business.

Only the Best for Your Pet

At Vetstreet Inc., we’ve spent more than 30 years helping veterinarians care for animals and communicate with pet owners. In 2011, we took that commitment one step further when we launched vetstreet.com, which celebrates the joy that animals bring to our lives while educating pet owners about the best ways to keep their pets healthy and happy.

We deliver advice from veterinarians, trainers, and pet experts who are dedicated to giving you the most trusted, authoritative information available. With new content posted daily, you’ll find the most current advice on dealing with everything from cat and dog training to serious health conditions and can feel confident knowing that all medical content goes through additional review by veterinarians.

Vetstreet.com also covers fun events (from dog shows to pet parades), tracks trends (including must-see viral videos), reviews great products (such as engaging cat toys and cushy dog beds), follows animal news (particularly conservation info) and explores all the things that make being a pet owner so amazing. And if you are looking for your first cat or dog — or simply trying to better understand the one you have — our extensive breed profiles allow you to research characteristics, history, personality, health and grooming information for 45 cat breeds and 220 dog breeds and mixes. There are also features explaining the challenges and rewards of owning exotic pets.

We know the key to a healthy animal is a well-informed owner and an expert veterinary care team. That’s why we provide the information and tools pet owners need to make that partnership as successful as possible such as our Find a Vet service, which connects you with leading veterinarians in your area.

Vetstreet.com’s goal is to help you help your pet live a long, happy, healthy life.