3 Tricks To Teach Your Cat With a Clicker


Once your cat knows to follow the target stick on request, you can teach him to twirl.

Get your cat to twirl left by following the target sick, in small increments with each stage rewarded with a click-treat, as before. Add the cue “left spin,” and when that trick is established, do the same thing to the right, cueing “right spin.”

High Five

Start by holding the target stick just a little above your cat’s nose. If you hold it too high, your cat will sit up, but if you put it right above her nose, she’ll naturally reach up with a paw. Click-treat.

Once she’s extending a paw reliably for the click-treat, you can withhold the click until she holds her paw high (or low), and then extend the behavior until she touches your hand with her paw. Add the verbal cue “high five” and you’re done!

Quick Clicking Tips

Things to keep in mind about cat training.

  • Be patient. Different animals work things out at different speeds, depending on their intelligence, confidence, activity level, and the skill of the trainer.
  • Never punish. You can’t teach a cat to work with you by making him fear or dislike you.
  • Keep sessions short. Cats get bored, stressed, and distracted easily.
  • Don’t get frustrated if your cat isn’t interested. Cats will wander away, groom themselves, or generally just blow you off sometimes. Try again later.
  • Have fun! That’s the most important thing of all.

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