A Deaf Dog Can Live a Happy Life — With a Little Help


Nothing ever gets a good dog down. As a veterinarian, I’ve seen it time and time again: dogs with handicaps find a way to not only cope but to live joyously. How others see them doesn’t matter. They find their way and live each day with joy that is infectious. When we care, they share.

Amazing the lessons we can learn from our dogs, don’t you think?

I’ve met some dogs coping incredibly well with all kinds of handicaps, including Faith, the dog who was born without her front legs. Faith is an inspiration to people — and pet owners — around the world. But more commonly, I see pet owners wondering how they can help their dogs cope with more common conditions, such as deafness. I love to reassure them that their dogs can and will do just fine with their help.

Deafness Comes in Different Ways

This condition can be broken down into three categories: