Get the Hop on Bunny Digestive Problems

Avoid Digestive Distress

Fruit can be a nice treat for your rabbit, but only in tiny amounts. Too much sugar in his system affects the level of bacteria in his gut and can give him a painful case of diarrhea. Choose fruits and vegetables that are low in sugar. Bugs Bunny eats carrots, but your bunny shouldn’t because they are so sweet. Instead, offer a bit of organic apple that’s mostly peel(no seeds or stems)or a strawberry top. The amount you give shouldn’t be any larger than the end joint of your pinky finger. Other foods to avoid include dairy items such as yogurt treats or commercial treats that contain sugar, honey or seeds.

Finally, keep a careful eye on your rabbit's food intake and output. If you notice a decrease in the amount your rabbit is eating or pooping, take him to the veterinarian right away. It could be a sign that he’s suffering from gastrointestinal stasis, meaning that the intestines have slowed or stopped their movement.

By the time you notice that his poop has gone from the size of a Cocoa Puff to the size of a BB, he may have been having problems for two or three days. If we can catch the problem early, your rabbit has a much better chance of responding to medical or surgical treatment.


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