How to Exercise Your Overweight Cat

Cats are also climbers. Your cat probably lives indoors, but even if he doesn’t have a tree to climb, you can still provide him with a manmade cat tree that goes floor to ceiling. Place it where he’ll have a view, whether that’s of the goings-on in the family room or the squirrels out in the yard. Take a wand toy and run it up and down the cat tree. The motion and sound will encourage your cat to take a running leap up.

And don’t forget to work your cat’s abs: When he’s lying on his back, tickle his tummy with a wand toy to elicit a few kitty crunches.

Finally, ginormous cats like Meatball can benefit from working out at the gym. No, really — if your cat is seriously obese, a stint with a pet rehab therapist can help whittle his waist. And it may be hard to believe, but many cats take readily to working out on an underwater treadmill.

The bottom line is this: If your feline friend is looking a little larger these days, take steps to get him slimmed down before he's giving Meatball a run for his money. You — and he — will be glad you did.

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