Keep Your Senior Dog Cool in the Summer Heat

Dress for the weather. If you’re going to an event that will involve your dog working or walking outdoors — a nose work trial or a fun walk for charity, for instance — keep the heat at bay with pet clothing that has cooling features. Soak an evaporative cooling coat in cold water and put it on your dog. It can help him stay cool for hours. You can also moisten a bandana and place it in the freezer for a few minutes. Wrap it around your pet’s neck to help him stay cool. If you have any doubts about whether it’s too hot for your pup, use common sense. Take a rain check on outdoor events and spend some quality time hanging out in the AC until a cooler day comes around.

Serve cold treats. One word: pupsicles! Make your dog an icy treat that he can enjoy on a hot summer day. Freeze your dog's Kong or whip up some simple banana and peanut butter frozen treats.

Sleep cool. People sleep better at lower temperatures, and I’m guessing pets are no exception. A number of special beds are available that will help your pet stay cool. If that’s not in your budget, place one or more of the gel packs sitting in your freezer inside the cover of your pet’s bed (where he can't chew on it) for a little chill action.


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