Why Does My Cat... Drink From Weird Places Like the Faucet or the Bathtub?

Whet Your Cat’s Appetite for Water

That brings us to why cats like to drink out of the tap. The sound of the "drip, drip, drip" attracts them. The water is more visible as well; cats can see the movement as the drops fall from the tap into the sink. And, heck, dripping water is just more fun to play with. How many times have you seen a cat batting at a stream of water with his paw?

The desire of cats to splash runs counter to everything we think we know about cats and water. Sure, some cats don’t like it, but many bat at running water with abandon or even swim if given the opportunity. (Wild cats, such as jaguars and tigers, are often seen swimming in rivers.) Many cats love running water so much that they teach themselves how to turn on the tap or train their humans to do it for them.

To save on your water bill, provide your cat with a pet fountain that will give him the fresh running water he enjoys. A fountain encourages a cat to drink more water, which is important for his health, especially if he eats a dry diet instead of canned food or farm-to-food-bowl mouse. More than that, it’s just plain fun.

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