Love Cats? Consider Adopting a Senior Feline


 Pet Net Contributor
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Thinking about adopting a cat or two? Give special consideration to felines who have surpassed their seventh birthdays and beyond. Instead of contending with The Wonder Year of kittenhood — that period of time in which you wonder how to keep your sanity — opt to adopt a senior cat and reap many ageless perks.

That’s the strong recommendation from New York City veterinarian Arnold Plotnick, who operates Manhattan Cat Specialists. He has dedicated his life to improving the health of felines from all life stages, but has a special fondness for senior cats, thanks to one named Ethel.

Years ago, Dr. Plotnick opted to adopt an overlooked 10-year-old cat from a shelter. Ethel lived nearly another decade and served as the official feline greeter at his clinic.

“Eventually, Ethel became blind and deaf, but she always remained a hospital favorite among my staff, our clients and especially me,” say Dr. Plotnick.

Five Pluses of Senior Cats Versus Kittens

In this Vetstreet interview, he rattles off five reasons to adopt a senior cat: