Cat playing with pink and white toy

Kittens and cats love playing with yarn, as well as string, ribbon and anything that twists and dances. They like to stalk, pounce, flip their slender prey in the air and start stalking again. That’s all good, clean fun, but there’s always a chance that your cat will decide to eat his plaything.

That’s when the fun stops, because any sort of "string thing" can create havoc in your cat’s intestines and cause a problem that may need to be surgically treated.

If you knit or sew, put your supplies away securely after you’re done with them. Even if your pet isn’t really the playful type, she may find one kind of string irresistible: juice-soaked string from a roast or turkey. Dispose of these tempting dangers carefully, putting them in a trash container your cat cannot access.