Are those zits on your cat's chin? Yup, cat acne is actually quite common and usually easy to treat. More good news? Unlike human outbreaks, animal blemishes aren't accompanied with adolescent behavior, like texting at the dinner table. Most cat acne cases occur in cats who are simply not strong chin groomers. However, there are other possibilities for those bumps, including mites, ringworm and allergies.

You'll need the help of your veterinarian to get your cat's chin cleared up. The area needs to be kept washed, and cat and owner alike must resist the urge to squeeze any blemishes. You may also be prescribed creams and pills. Since some cases are caused by an allergy to plastic, your veterinarian will probably also recommend switching to ceramic or stainless-steel food and water dishes which will need to be kept scrupulously clean. 

Ordinary feline acne is more of an aesthetic dilemma than a serious health concern. As long as the area doesn't become infected, your cat usually won't be bothered by the blemishes.

This article was written by a Veterinarian.