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Most pet parents know the importance of feeding their dogs and cats high-quality pet food.  The right food can make all the difference in your pet’s overall health and longevity. The best pet food for dogs and cats is high in protein with a limited amount of carbohydrates and no by-products.  

Many of us are also looking for a pet food that is not only healthy but also grain free. Wheat, corn, and soy can cause allergies in pets. Therefore, finding a grain-free pet food that has the right mixture of protein, fat, low carbohydrates or fillers can help our dogs and cats thrive.

But, how do you even know where to start looking? There are so many grain-free pet food choices. Well, we found a high-quality dog and cat food line that is not only grain free but also high in real protein, vitamins, and minerals with a limited amount of carbs. And did we mention it’s very affordable?

The American Journey pet food brand has become very popular for all of these reasons and the go-to choice among many pet parents. Let’s take a closer look at everything American Journey has to offer, as well as find out what pet parents are saying about this popular pet food brand. 

What is American Journey?

American Journey is a dog and cat food brand owned and distributed by They offer a variety of foods and treats that cater to different life stages and accommodate different diet restrictions for dogs and cats. American Journey is U.S. made and has become a strong competitor in the pet food space due its high-quality ingredients and appealing flavor profiles. If you’re wondering where to buy American Journey dog food or cat food, know that it’s only available on

American Journey’s mission is to make dog and cat food that is high in protein, low in carbohydrates, and grain free to “fuel your pet’s everyday adventures.” American Journey knows that high-quality proteins and nutrient-dense ingredients can help our pets maintain lean muscles and live long, happy lives.  

American Journey dog food and cat food recipes are made with real, deboned protein as the first ingredient. All of their food choices and treats are made without corn, wheat, soy, or poultry by-product meals and contain no artificial flavors, preservatives, or colors.  

American Journey Features

American Journey stands out from the other pet food brands in the market because they not only offer high-quality recipes but also a range of protein sources. Some dogs or cats can develop allergies or food sensitivities to certain animal proteins, and American Journey offers a variety of options, including chicken, beef, lamb, salmon, duck, and venison. 

Their recipes also feature ingredients with essential amino acids for leaner muscles, omega fatty acids to support your pet’s skin and coat health, and fiber-rich fruits and veggies that provide vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to help support a healthy immune system.

American Journey dog food and cat food comes in a variety of recipes, both wet and dry, and even treats so that every pet parent can find the right choice for their four-legged family member. 

American Journey Dry Dog Food

Is American Journey a good dog food? Yes! American Journey offers many different dry dog food recipes that fall under four different types: Grain-Free, Limited Ingredient, Active Life, and Landmark. Within these choices, you can find formulas that are made for all life stages, puppies, senior dogs, small breeds, large breeds, and weight management. 


American Journey Grain-Free dry dog food formulas contain about 25-34 percent high-quality protein, with deboned salmon, chicken, beef, or lamb as the first ingredient. These formulas also feature sweet potatoes and chickpeas for long-lasting energy and wholesome fruits and veggies (like dried kelp, carrots and blueberries) that pack fiber and antioxidants. Keep in mind, this is not a single animal protein source option, however, as you’ll also see chicken and turkey meals on the ingredient list. 

Limited Ingredient

American Journey Limited Ingredient dry dog food formulas are made with a single animal protein source, such as salmon, lamb, turkey, duck, or venison. These recipes are also grain-free, and feature easy-to-digest carbs, like sweet potatoes and peas. Limited Ingredient is a good option to consider if your dog has food sensitivities.  

Active Life

American Journey Active Life dry dog food formulas offer a complete and balanced meal for active dogs at all life stages. You’ll also find formulas that are specially crafted for puppies, seniors, small breeds, and large breeds. Like the other American Journey categories, Active Life prioritizes high-quality animal protein as the first ingredient, with options including salmon, chicken, lamb, or beef, plus glucosamine and chondroitin to support hip and joint health and overall mobility. While this is not a grain-free choice, Active Life recipes feature easy-to-digest grains like brown rice and barley and veggies like sweet potatoes and carrots.


Landmark by American Journey dry dog food formulas are crafted with 70 percent animal-source protein and natural fats. The premium animal protein blends include angus beef and pork, cage-free chicken and turkey, or rainbow trout and herring. You won’t find any grains or potatoes in these ultra-high protein recipes, but you will find prebiotics and probiotics to support digestive and immune system health and omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health.

American Journey Dog Treats

American Journey also offers a wide variety of dog treats, ranging from crunchy biscuits and soft-baked treats to jerky and adventure bars. As with their dry dog food recipes, you’ll see grain-free, limited ingredient, and high-protein dog treat options in a variety of flavors.

American Journey Wet Dog Food

In addition to an array of dry dog food options, American Journey offers canned wet dog food recipes that are protein packed, grain free and moisture filled. These include premium loaves and stews in gravy. Their wet food also caters to different life stages and sizes, from puppies to older dogs and even small and large breeds.

While American Journey doesn’t have as many wet dog food choices as their dry food, they do offer Grain-Free, Active Life, and Limited Ingredient options. Some of the customer favorites include:

  • American Journey Limited Ingredient Diet Lamb & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Canned Dog Food: This five-star rated food is great for pet parents looking for a specific animal protein for their pups and features sweet potatoes for dogs with sensitive digestive systems.
  • American Journey Limited Ingredient Diet Duck & Sweet Potato Grain-Free Canned Dog Food: This is another popular Limited Edition wet food, with duck as the first ingredient for pet parents looking for an alternate protein option.
  • American Journey Beef & Vegetable Stew Grain-Free Canned Dog Food: Their stew recipes are also well-reviewed and come with either beef, lamb, or chicken as the main ingredient. They’re also made with a savory gravy that dogs love and include vegetables to give your dog a full and healthy, well-balanced meal packed with fiber.

American Journey Wet Cat Food

While the American Journey cat food line is not as robust as their dog food line, their recipes provide the same hearty ingredients. American Journey wet cat foods are high in protein, grain free, low in fat, and pack the right amount of moisture. Knowing how picky cats are about their food, their wet cat food offerings include recipes that are minced and in gravy, a pate, or even in a broth. 

Minced in Gravy Wet Cat Food

The American Journey Minced Salmon & Tuna Recipe in Gravy is one of the more popular wet cat food choices. This complete and balanced grain-free formula features real salmon as the first ingredient and is covered in a savory gravy made with fish and chicken broths. The salmon and tuna provide essential amino acids and support lean muscles, and added taurine supports eye and heart health. 

Other minced recipes in gravy include turkey, chicken, and combinations like chicken and salmon or chicken and tuna. Their recipes also include wholesome ingredients like cranberries and blueberries, as well as omega fatty acids to support skin and coat health. 

Pate Wet Cat Food

American Journey pate wet cat food recipes come in similar flavor profiles, including chicken, salmon and turkey, as well as beef. The pate formula makes it easy for the cats to eat and digest. And, of course, the recipes are grain free.

Landmark Wet Cat Food 

For cats on a high-protein or limited-ingredient diet due to food sensitivities, American Journey’s Landmark line is available as a canned food shredded in broth or as a savory lickable broth that can be used as a meal topper or on its own as a special treat. 

The canned food formulas are crafted with 95 percent animal protein and broth, and rounded out with vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients like taurine. Recipes include chicken, mackerel and tuna, tuna and tilapia, and chicken and turkey.

Landmark lickable broths feature tender fish bits in a savory broth, with seafood proteins including salmon, tuna, anchovies, shrimp, and whitefish. 

American Journey Dry Cat Food

American Journey Dry Cat Food is a healthy dry food choice that is packed with protein and made without grains. These recipes contain 40 percent high-quality protein, with real deboned chicken, turkey, salmon, or duck as the first ingredient. This is not your ordinary kibble—cats love the flavor and pet parents love the high-quality nutrition it provides. You’ll also find wholesome fruits and veggies, essential amino acids like taurine for healthy eyes and heart, antioxidants to support a healthy immune system, and omega fatty acids for healthy skin and coat. 

Their dry cat food also comes in recipes specially formulated for kittens or indoor cats.

American Journey Cat Treats

In addition to the lickable broths mentioned earlier that can be given as a treat, American Journey has a few other options for cat treats. These include soft and chewy grain-free cat treats in chicken, salmon or duck, as well as freeze-dried chicken or salmon treats.

American Journey Reviews: What They’re Saying

Customers that buy American Journey dog food and cat food recipes, wet or dry, seem very happy with the brand. Here are a few testimonials:

Product: Salmon & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Sample customer review: “I have three fur babies, two mini schnauzers and a mini labradoodle. They may be small, but they have big appetites. I have searched for a good quality food that was affordable and that agreed with their sometimes finicky skin and stomachs. I switched to American Journey brand unsure of what to expect. Thankfully after three weeks, they all three love this food and have had zero issues! I am pleased with the purchase.”

Product: Lamb & Sweet Potato Recipe Grain-Free Dry Dog Food

Sample customer review: “The breed of dog I have is a French bulldog and he has food allergies and is really picky about what he eats. But, he really likes this food, I mix it with the canned American Journey lamb canned dog food and he loves it. I tried several other brands but this one I think is the one that works best for us.” 

Product: Beef & Vegetable Stew in Gravy Grain-Free Canned Dog Food

Sample customer review: I happened to receive a case of American Journey in Gravy by ‘mistake’ several months ago. I normally feed American Journey Loaf. Our greyhounds love it. Honestly, it smells and looks so good that it could get mistaken as a stew for human consumption. I continue to mix the stew with dry kibble, and use the canned loaf to ‘hide’ medication. You won’t go wrong with this product.”

Product: Minced Chicken & Turkey Recipe in Gravy Grain-Free Canned Cat Food

What They’re Saying: “American Journey’s minced chicken and turkey formula is great! My kitty loves it and licks the plate clean. Their dry food is also the healthiest kibble my kitty has even eaten. She eats a lot and remains at a great weight.”

Product: Duck Recipe Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Sample customer review: “I have (8) cats who really like this food. I started out by giving them a little bit of this food as a treat, then transitioned them to filling their bowls. They all ate this food with relish and even tried to get in the bag for more. After two weeks their hair appeared shiner and softer. Overall I am happy with this food for my cats and they enjoy it.”

American Journey: Things We Like

  • Real, deboned protein is the first ingredient
  • No corn, wheat, or soy
  • Filled with vitamins, amino acids, minerals, and omega fatty acids
  • No artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives
  • Many different choices for pet parents, including grain-free, limited-ingredient, and high-protein recipes 
  • It is very affordable
  • Special formulas available for small or large breed dogs, puppies, senior dogs, indoor cats, and kittens
  • They sell bundle options
  • Wet food is packed in BPA non-intent cans 
  • Made in the USA

Things to Consider

  • Cat food line is not as robust as the dog food line
  • Their wet dog food choices are more limited than other brands
  • You can only buy it on
  • Some pet parents may not want to feed their pet a grain-free food (however, dog owners do have the choice of feeding the Active Life dry dog food recipes, which feature grains)

American Journey: Our Verdict

Whether you have a dog or cat, you can rest assured that American Journey dog food or cat food is a great option for your pet. All of their products are packed with high-quality protein and they offer a wide variety of flavor profiles. Their recipes are rounded out with nutrient-dense ingredients that are also meant to help pets with food allergies, picky eaters, or even sensitive stomachs. It is as healthy as any pet food brand we have seen, and it is better priced than its competitors.

As with any new pet food, make sure to check with your veterinarian to make sure she or he approves of the recipe you choose for your individual cat or dog.  

I know my cat loves American Journey wet and dry food—and I love all the protein and fresh ingredients that it provides.  

If you decide to give Chewy’s American Journey brand a try, we’re confident that you and your pet will be happy you did!