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Pet parents recognize the importance of preventive health care for their furry family members. Taking early steps to mitigate potential health issues can ease discomfort later on…and help pet parents save money on potentially costly veterinary bills. 

Against this backdrop, it’s no surprise that the pet supplements industry has been booming. According to Grand View Research, the global pet supplements market size was valued at $1.47 billion in 2020, and is expected to grow by 5.9 percent annually from 2021 to 2028.  

Here, we take a closer look at a daily dog supplement powder from Front of the Pack (, designed for pet parents who take a proactive approach to their pet’s well being. 

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What is Front of the Pack?

Front of pack photo with owner and happy dog

Front of the Pack is a company that develops dog supplements with a focus on preventive health. They are a team of veterinarians, biochemists, and pet lovers who apply science to formulate products with health benefits for pets. Their mission is to empower pet parents to take control of their pet’s health. 

Front of the Pack sources the highest quality ingredients for their product suite, and scours the globe to do so, with a supply chain that spans three continents, seven countries, and 10 industry-leading suppliers. The company’s experts put an emphasis on scientific research that proves the benefits of the ingredients they do source, with over 400 research-backed articles serving as their evidence. 

Front of the Pack’s commitment to bettering pet health and the world for pets is evident not just in the work they do, but in their charitable efforts as well. Throughout the 2021 holiday season, Front of the Pack donated 2 percent of each order to featured causes, such as the Best Friends Animal Society and Dogs on Deployment. 

Front of the Pack Products

Front of the pack products with dog

Front of the Pack’s product suite includes three core supplements, with a range of benefits spanning joint health, stress and anxiety relief, gut health, and more.

  • The One: This daily dog supplement powder features 12 clinically-proven ingredients and provides eight key essential benefits for preventive health
  • Soothe: This daily dog probiotic powder features three clinically-proven ingredients to support skin and gut health, as well as promote a healthy immune response

How to Use Front of the Pack The One Daily Dog Supplement Powder

Putting supplement powder into food

Front of the Pack’s The One is a daily dog supplement powder that helps with eight facets of essential health, including: 

  • Relieves hip and joint stiffness
  • Alleviates stress and anxiety
  • Supports healthy digestion
  • Soothes itchy skin and allergies
  • Freshens breath and reduces plaque
  • Promotes mental sharpness
  • Supports immune health
  • Helps maintain healthy heart function

The supplement powder, which comes in a 60-scoop pouch, is designed to be served as a topper to your dog’s meal or mixed in with his favorite snack. You give it once daily, using guidelines provided by Front of the Pack that correlate to your pet’s size and weight. 

While all ingredients in The One are all-natural, pet parents should always consult their veterinarian before incorporating any new supplement into their pet’s diet.  

Putting Front of the Pack The One to The Test

Front of the pack to the test

We were excited when we had the chance to try out The One by Front of the Pack. While our rescue dog Wally hasn’t had any specific health issues that we were looking to tackle with a supplement, I’ve always taken a proactive approach to his health. I had thought about incorporating a dog multivitamin or something similar to provide him an extra layer of protection from future health conditions.

When trying out Front of the Pack The One, we eased the product into Wally’s diet slowly, letting him see what we were adding to his meal before we simply put it on top of his food. 

Thankfully, he was pretty receptive to the addition to his meals, and didn’t seem to notice or mind the supplement topper. He ate his meals regularly with no issues. 

After giving The One to Wally for two weeks, we didn’t notice any immediate changes to his mental or physical activity or coat appearance, but Front of the Pack does advise it takes roughly four to six weeks to notice meaningful improvements. 

Things We Like

  • Provides the benefits of multiple supplements in one daily meal topper
  • Easy to administer, and easy to follow Front of the Pack’s serving guidelines
  • The company’s commitment to scientifically backed research that supports ingredients usage
  • Front of the Pack’s charitable efforts across the pet community

Things to Consider

  • The One’s impact on your pet won’t be noticeable immediately, as the company says it takes four to six weeks to see marked improvement/effects

Front of the Pack The One: Our Verdict

Front of the Pack’s The One is a versatile supplement that’s easy to administer and has numerous potential benefits. The company’s science-backed approach to ingredient sourcing and product development, coupled with a commitment at large to the well being of the pet community, makes this all-in-one supplement worthy of consideration by pet parents and their furry family members. 

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