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As you pour your cat’s food into her bowl in the early hours of the morning, you notice her water has run low or has weird particles floating in it. Cats need access to fresh, clean water at all times. If you forget to clean and refill your cat’s water bowl, she runs the risk of getting dehydrated.

A simple solution to consider is investing in an automatic cat water fountain, so that they always have clean water available. Pet water fountains also provide many other perks. 

We take a closer look at the benefits of auto pet water fountains, plus put a cat water fountain from Petlibro to the test.

Cat Water Fountain Benefits

Cat drinking water close up water droplets zoomed in

One big advantage to an automatic cat water fountain is around your pet’s health and providing adequate clean, fresh water to your fur baby. As water circulates through a water fountain, it also goes through a filtration system that can rid of impurities and dirt. The result is clean water that your pet will enjoy more than stagnant water in a bowl. Proper hydration is also important for your pet’s urinary and kidney health. (Learn more: Find out How Long Can a Cat Go Without Water.)

You may want to consider getting an automatic pet water fountain if:

  • You travel a lot or are home at inconsistent times.
  • Your pet needs to be enticed or reminded to drink more water.
  • If your cat requires more water due to health issues like kidney disease, diabetes, or urinary disorders.

Petlibro Cat Water Fountain Features

Petlibro currently offers three types of water fountains: an automatic one where the water comes out from a spout like a faucet; an automatic one where the water comes up from the center; and a stainless steel one where the water comes out from the side like a human’s water fountain.

The Petlibro Capsule Automatic Pet Water Fountain (pictured above), has a practically silent water recirculation system. It has a 5-level filtration system, a capacity of 2.1 liters, and comes with two drinking modes so you can easily adjust it to your cat’s liking. Choose from a flowing stream or gentle bubbles.

Other options include the Petlibro Dockstream Water Fountain, another quiet option that emulates a bubbling spring with moving water and bubbles. It is the ideal height for most pets to drink comfortably, holds 2.5 liters of water, and comes in battery-powered, wireless, and app-controled options. There’s also the Stainless Steel Pet Water Fountain, which is rust and corrosion resistant. In addition to a silent pump, it has an adjustable water flow and leak-proof and splash-proof design.

Putting the Petlibro Water Fountain to the Test

Petlibro water fountain test

Upon receiving a Petlibro pet water fountain (we tried the Petlibro Automatic Pet Water Fountain), we were relieved to find that the product didn’t overwhelm us. The setup was easy and there were minimal parts to put together to get things started. After charging the fountain with the USB charger, we added water and waited to see how our two cats, Franklin and Eleanor, reacted.

Franklin’s reaction: When it came to the water fountain, Franklin was a little skeptical. The sound that the fountain made did make him curious, but not curious enough to have a sip immediately. After the water fountain began doing its thing, he ignored it for a good 20 minutes. Soon enough, he walked right over and drank as he normally would from his water bowl. He didn’t play with it like I thought he would, but he used it the way it was intended. 

Eleanor’s reaction: Eleanor was skeptical from start to finish, and hours later, she still hadn’t taken a sip from the fountain. During setup, she watched, but never got too close. When I carried her to bring her over to the water fountain, she freaked out and ran away. Five days later, she did finally try drinking from the water fountain.

Things We Like

The best feature of the Petlibro pet water fountain is that it does entice one of our cats to drink because of the sound of running water. Other features we like include: 

  • That running water sound is quiet enough, yet tranquil for those in the room.
  • The design is sleek, so it’s not an eyesore. 
  • It keeps the water fresh for days, so you don’t have to constantly refill and wash water bowls. 

Things to Consider

The biggest thing to consider about this auto cat water fountain is that it’s bulkier than your typical water bowl, so be prepared that it will take up more space. Plus, some cats might need time to warm up to it, like our Eleanor. Though the water fountain mimics the sound of a river in the wild, most cats have never been in the wild, so this concept may be foreign to them.

Petlibro Cat Water Fountain: Our Verdict

Petlibro capsule pet water fountain

After trying out Petlibro’s auto cat water fountain, we love it. That being said, it doesn’t necessarily provide a huge solution to a problem. Your cat will drink water from a bowl, but this product may engage them to drink more than their usual. And, there’s that convenience upside too: you won’t have to change your pet’s water daily anymore.