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Growing concerns over our collective impact on the environment and waste reduction are fueling consumer product choices, with 73 percent of Gen Z and 68 percent of Millennials citing that they’d be willing to spend more on sustainable products, according to research firm FINN CADY. With sustainability such a hot topic and more pet parents than ever looking to do their individual part to help, it’s no surprise that the emphasis on sustainably sourced and packaged products has carried over to the pet industry.

Here, we take a look at one such offering, Open Farm pet food, which stands apart thanks to its transparent mission to ethically, humanely, and sustainably source high-quality ingredients. 

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What is Open Farm?

Open Farm is a pet food brand that is dedicated to helping pet parents build a better, more ethically sourced and sustainable meal for their furry friends. The company is raising the bar on the way we feed our pets, with even stricter quality than what we feed ourselves, and its mission really is anchored in how it sources its ingredients. 

Open Farm’s meat products are sourced from family farms with a track record of treating their animals humanely, and all meats are raised naturally on a vegetarian diet free of antibiotics. Its beef, for instance, is grass-fed and raised at pasture, not on feedlots. Its lamb is pasture-raised in New Zealand, and its pork is raised on independent family farms with the strictest animal welfare standards. Open Farm’s fish is sourced from wild-caught seafood captured through sustainable methods, with a diet free of any artificial feeds. The company’s sourcing methods are validated by credible partner organizations, including Certified Humane, Global Animal Partnership, and Ocean Wise

Open Farm’s efforts to source only the highest quality ingredients translate into premium nutrition for your pet. The company carries more than 50 recipes—including dry and wet food, freshly prepared meals, and supplements—and they are all free of any fillers, byproducts, or unnecessary preservatives. If your pet has a dietary sensitivity, Open Farm has a handy chart so you can easily see which products are single protein or free of certain ingredients, such as poultry, potato, or peas, lentils, and beans.

Open Farm stands apart from other pet food brands in the space primarily in its transparency to consumers and its unapologetic commitment to sustainability. The brand offers consumers the ability to independently trace every ingredient in their pet’s food back to its original source. And beyond the sustainable ways that Open Farm sources its products, the company is committed to reducing its carbon footprint, showcasing the various efforts in which it is trying to impact change corporately. Open Farm passes this commitment to sustainability on to its consumers, using only sustainable packaging and creating the first nationwide pet food bag recycling program to help manage the brand’s environmental footprint, in partnership with TerraCycle. The company has also introduced an initiative to package pet food in reusable containers—another first-of-its-kind effort in the pet food world. 

By now you’re probably wondering where to buy Open Farm dog food and cat food! You can purchase directly from Open Farm’s website or in one of more than 5,000 neighborhood pet stores that carry the brand. (Check out the store locator here.)

Open Farm Dog Food

For canine customers, Open Farm offers a wide assortment of dog products featuring a number of different proteins, including: 

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Lamb
  • Pork
  • Venison

These proteins are incorporated into a variety of Open Farm dog food and treat options: 

Open Farm Dry Dog Food

High-protein dry food recipes with ethically sourced fresh meat as the first ingredient, plus non-GMO fruits and veggies. Available in grain-free varieties, like Grass-Fed Beef, Wild-Caught Salmon, Homestead Turkey & Chicken, and New Zealand Venison, or with ancient grains.  

Open Farm Wet Dog Food

A human-grade, rustic stew available across a variety of flavors including Chicken & Salmon, Wild-Caught Salmon, Grass-Fed Beef, Homestead Turkey, and Herring & Mackerel. A great way to add hydration and texture to your dog’s diet.

Open Farm Freeze-Dried Raw Dog Food

Freeze-dried raw ingredients like meat, bone, and organ mixed with organic fruits and vegetables, available across a variety of flavors, including Grass-Fed Beef, Surf & Turf, Homestead Turkey, Harvest Chicken, and Farmer’s Table Pork. Shelf stable and easy to serve as a full meal or a topper.

Open Farm Gently Cooked Dog Food

Fresh, slow-cooked dog food, available in four flavors: Grass-Fed Beef, Surf & Turf, Homestead Turkey, and Harvest Chicken. You can actually see the chunks of meat and veggies! Simply thaw and serve this human-grade food as a full meal or topper.

Open Farm Dog Treats

A variety of guilt-free, dehydrated training treats, including Cod Skins, Chicken, Turkey, Beef, and Pork. No glycerin, grain, wheat, corn or soy here!

Open Farm Bone Broth for Dogs

A variety of collagen-rich bone broth recipes, including beef, turkey, and chicken, to add moisture and flavor to your pet’s meals. Other dog supplements include organic grass-fed cow’s milk kefir and certified-humane goat’s milk kefir, packed with 11 active cultures and 12 billion live probiotics to support immunity, digestion and overall wellness. 

Open Farm Cat Food

Open Farm cat food

For its feline customers, Open Farm has a variety of proteins available, including: 

  • Beef
  • Chicken
  • Turkey
  • Fish
  • Lamb

These proteins are incorporated into a slightly shorter product line for Open Farm cat food and treats, including: 

Open Farm Dry Cat Food

High-meat, low-carb dry food recipes designed to appeal to picky palates, with flavors including Wild-Caught Salmon, Catch-of-the-Season Whitefish, Pasture-Raised Lamb, and Homestead Turkey & Chicken. 

Open Farm Wet Cat Food

Rustic blend wet food that gives cats the moisture they need, available across numerous flavors, including Harvest Chicken, Homestead Turkey, Grass-Fed Beef, and Chicken & Salmon. 

Open Farm Bone Broth for Cats

A variety of collagen-rich bone broths, including beef, chicken, and turkey. Other cat supplements include cow’s milk and goat’s milk products.

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Open Farm: Things We Like

  • Open Farm’s transparency. From the brand’s efforts to make it easy for pet parents to trace the ingredients used in its food, to open sharing of its sustainability initiatives and the progress it has made/is making as a corporation, we love Open Farm’s willingness to be transparent with prospective customers. 
  • A real commitment to ethically sourced ingredients and sustainability. From what we can tell in our research, Open Farm doesn’t just say that it sources responsibly or has partner organizations lend their stamp of approval…it actually does these things. 
  • The product portfolio is expansive. We love the variety that Open Farm offers its customers. No matter whether you have a puppy, a middle-aged pet, or a senior cat or dog, Open Farm’s products offer a viable solution to your animal’s nutritional needs. 

Things to Consider

  • Options for cats are more limited. While Open Farm offers a number of products designed for our feline friends, it has far more options for dogs than cats. 
  • Open Farm is headquartered outside of the United States. While the company maintains a manufacturing facility in Minnesota, the work to develop, distribute, and formulate recipes happens outside of the U.S.
  • Pay attention to the “best before” dates. Given the nature of the ingredients in Open Farm’s products, and the availability of raw products, customers should be especially mindful of any “best before” dates before offering it to their pet. 

Open Farm Pet Food: Our Verdict

Open Farm provides a variety of ethically sourced, sustainable dog food and sustainable cat food products across a wide range of flavors and formats. The company’s overall transparency and commitment to sustainability really set the brand apart in the pet food world. For pet parents interested in high-quality recipes made by a company that does right by the environment, Open Farm dog food and cat food is definitely worth a try. 

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