Dogs and walks go hand-in-hand, but what do you do when your furry friend has trouble going the distance? This isn’t just hypothetical – 20 percent of dogs over the age of one suffer from arthritis, which can affect their ability to move without pain. And beyond that, other injuries can develop at any age, whether chronic or temporary, and lead to mobility issues for your dog. None of this has to mean your dog becomes isolated from the outside world. Instead, a mobility device, like a dog wagon, can become a part of your daily routine.

If you’re looking to purchase a dog wagon but don’t know where to start, you’ve come to the right place! Keep reading to check out our selection of the best dog wagons for carting your canine around.

Our Top Picks

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6 Best Dog Wagons of 2024

From brisk walks to beach days (and everything in between), here are our top choices for the best dog wagons out there. 

Best Overall Dog Wagon

Our pick: Petbobi Dog Stroller/Wagon

Petbobi Dog Stroller/Wagon

Our top pick combines the best features of a stroller and a wagon in an easy-to-use mobility device your dog will love. Suitable for dogs up to 120 lbs, the larger-than-average design offers your pet a spacious interior to relax in. The mesh windows allow airflow and visibility, and the top panel can be unzipped to give your pup an uninterrupted view of the world. A safety leash is even included to keep your dog secure.

We also love the added perks for pet parents: rear storage pockets to hold your belongings, large back wheels and front swivel wheels for maneuvering most terrains, and an adjustable handle height for easy pushing. When not in use, the wagon can be folded for storage or transportation.

Although it costs a couple hundred dollars, this wagon’s convenient features, durability, and quality make the price worth it.


  • Mesh panels allow airflow and visibility for your pet
  • Rear storage for pet items or water bottles
  • Waterproof oxford fabric
  • Durable frame
  • Adjustable handle and locking back wheels
  • Folds for simple storage


  • Higher price point

Best Large Dog Wagon

Our pick: BingoPaw Folding Standard Stroller/Wagon

BingoPaw Folding Standard Stroller/Wagon

There are plenty of small dog wagons out there, but when it comes to pups weighing over 100 lbs, options are a bit limited. That’s one of the things we like about this large dog wagon from BingoPaw – it can accommodate dogs up to 120 lbs. Front and rear entrance points offer easy in and out, while the mesh panels deliver necessary airflow. Plus, the windows on the top and front can be unzipped to allow larger dogs to sit comfortably without being confined by a too-short roof.


  • Holds up to 120 lbs
  • Mesh panels on all sides; unzip the top or front ones to allow your pet to sit up comfortably
  • Front and rear entry points
  • Adjustable, foam-padded handle
  • Omni-directional, shock-absorbent wheels; back wheels lock
  • Integrated harness clip


  • Won’t fit extra-large breeds

Best Wagon for Multiple Dogs

Our pick: HPZ Pet Rover Titan HD Premium Super-Size Stroller SUV 

HPZ Pet Rover Titan HD Premium Super-Size Stroller SUV 

Yes, we know this is technically called a stroller, but the size and shape deliver total wagon vibes to us! Whether you’re looking to walk with several smaller pups or a couple of medium-size canines, this SUV of dog stroller wagons is the way to go. Designed to hold up to 100 lbs, it features four attachment hooks, allowing you to keep multiple dogs safe and contained. The flip-down front lid and retractable ramp make it easy for them to get in and out, while the waterproof canopy protects your pups from the elements. For added convenience, there are storage pockets and a cup holder to stash all of your essentials.


  • 100 lb weight capacity and four attachment hooks to accommodate multiple dogs
  • Flip-down front lid with ramp
  • Waterproof, 180-degree canopy opens two ways
  • Removable inner pad for easy washing
  • Adjustable handle
  • Folds and stores compactly


  • Not ideal for extra-large dogs
  • Very high price point

Best Beach Dog Wagon

Our pick: ibiyaya Noah All-Around Beach Wagon

ibiyaya Noah All-Around Beach Wagon

This wagon not only provides a way to transport your dog across the beach, it also gives them a shaded area to hang out in, too. The large wheels roll through sand smoothly, and the handle swivels 360 degrees for easy navigation. The mesh cover increases airflow and visibility, or you can secure the roll-down sides to keep your pup protected from sun or rain. (There are small mesh panels that remain open so your dog is never without fresh air). Outside storage pockets are perfect for treats, poop bags, or anything else you want to tote around, and the 110 lb weight limit means it can fit one large dog or a few smaller pups.

The wagon folds up when not in use, making it perfect for packing into the car on your next beach trip. The high quality and fashionable design come at a cost, though, and you can expect this wagon to be more expensive than most.


  • Large wheels and 360-degree handle allow for easy maneuverability
  • Holds up to 110 lbs
  • Mesh panels let air and light through; roll-down covers add extra protection when needed
  • Folds for easy storage
  • Available in two colors


  • Very high price point

Best Value Dog Wagon

Our pick: Arcadia Trail Pet Wagon

Arcadia Trail Pet Wagon

Coming in at an incredibly affordable price and jam-packed with features that both you and your pup will love, this dog wagon is truly a great value. It holds up to 250 lbs, making it ideal for extra-large or even more than one dog, and has a folding tailgate for easy entry and exit. Plus, it includes two silicone dog bowls, a waste bag dispenser, and convenient storage pockets. The adjustable handle and durable wheels promise a smooth and easy ride.


  • Supports up to 250 lbs
  • Comes with two dog bowls, a waste bag dispenser, and storage pockets
  • Tailgate folds down (also holds bowls via carabiner clips when not in use)
  • Adjustable handle
  • Great price point


  • Uncovered design with no leash attachment (dogs may be able to jump out)
  • Wheels do not have locking brakes

Best Bike Wagon for Dogs

Our pick: Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Schwinn Rascal Bike Pet Trailer

Biking with your dog is a fun activity, but they unfortunately can’t always keep up. A wagon that attaches to your bike makes it easy for your furry friend to go anywhere you go. This dog bike wagon comes in two sizes: the first holds up to 50 lbs, and the second up to 100 lbs. The rear unzips for easy entry, and the low step is short enough to allow most dogs to climb in on their own. Inside, the removable, non-slip surface prevents your pup from sliding, and a leash clip is included, so you can secure your pet directly to the wagon.

Mesh panels let your dog enjoy the view while providing airflow, and if it’s a cold or dreary day, the clear sunroof can be unrolled to keep your pup warm and dry. Plus, the universal coupler attaches to most any bike.


  • Large, inflatable tires for a smooth ride
  • Internal leash hook keeps your pet secure
  • Removable liner for easy cleaning
  • Screen cover and roll-down clear cover
  • Folds for simple storage
  • Attaches to most bikes
  • Available in two sizes


  • Higher price point, especially the large size

Dog Wagons: Why You Might Need One

Dog wagons can help you get your pet around when walking is difficult for them on their own. “Often, [pet parents] use it if their dog can’t walk as far as they used to but still acts like they want to keep going,” explains Amy Kramer, physical therapist and certified canine rehabilitation therapist at Beach Animal Rehabilitation Center. “Others use it if their dog starts limping more during a walk and [they] don’t want their injury to get worse.” 

In many cases, using a wagon can also be more convenient for you as the pet parent, rather than relying on your pup’s speed and sniff breaks to set the pace. 

Some instances where you might use a dog wagon include:

  • When your pet has a mobility issue, whether permanently due to arthritis, or temporarily while recovering from an injury or surgery
  • If your dog finds walking long distances difficult, especially if they’re small or have a short nose, like Pugs or French Bulldogs
  • On days when the ground is too hot or cold for your dog to safely walk
  • If you have multiple dogs who may not walk well together
  • When you want to take your pet along on bike rides

Wagons and strollers are similar, but wagon-style devices are typically more suited for larger dogs and transporting heavier weight. While wagons are usually pulled, updated styles also allow for pushing, which can make maneuvering easier.

How We Made Our Selections

In addition to researching user favorites and speaking with experts, we considered several different factors while compiling our list of best dog wagons.

Convenience. When making our picks, we looked for features that would make your life easier, like removable covers, large wheels, foldable designs etc.

Versatility. While some options on our list are designed for specific scenarios (i.e. a bike ride), we generally went with wagons that would work for different-size dogs and various terrains.

Ratings/reviews. We made sure to swing by the review sections to get the full picture of each pick. After all, who better to weigh in on the best dog wagons than pet parents themselves?  

Price. Because of the nature of the product, yes, most of the options on our list do land upwards of $100, but we did include a less expensive option that won’t break the bank.  

Dog Wagon Buyer’s Guide

dog with a hat on sitting in a wagon

When choosing a wagon for your dog, there are a few things to keep in mind before you hit “purchase.” 

Dimensions/weight limit. Check the weight limit and measure out the dimensions to make sure your pet isn’t too heavy and has enough room to sit or lie down in the wagon. If you plan to keep any items in the wagon with them, factor in that additional weight as well.

Wheels. Take a look at the wheels, too. If most of your walks will be on concrete, smaller wheels will do, but if you’re taking the wagon to the sandy beach or on hikes, high-quality wheels that can handle rough terrain are key.

Safety. You should also consider how you’ll secure your dog within the wagon. If there is an open top, keeping your dog on a leash can prevent them from jumping out. Some wagons for dogs have built-in leashes, so look for this type if needed.

Quality. While dog wagons can be expensive, this isn’t the time to skimp on quality. Wagons priced too-good-to-be-true can be difficult to push or prone to breakdowns.

Safety Tips for Using Dog Wagons

With correct supervision, dog wagons are very safe for pets. The biggest risk is a pet who jumps out of the wagon and hurts themselves or runs away, so keeping them properly restrained is important. This might mean utilizing a leash or choosing a wagon that has a cover.

Most wagons have open tops and/or mesh windows, which are important to let air flow to your pet. Keep the temperature in mind to make sure they don’t overheat.

Creating comfort with the wagon can reduce your dog’s stress level and make it an overall good experience for you both. “We always suggest [making] it a positive experience by using a treat or toy that the dog will associate the wagon/stroller with. Never use it as punishment, or they will associate it with something negative,” says Kramer. 

Providing positive association and taking the proper safety precautions will help make a wagon an enjoyable place for your dog to explore the world and spend time with you, even when walking becomes difficult.