Walking your dog sometimes requires more than just a leash and collar. You’ll need a place to store your keys, poop bags and your cell phone. And for longer walks, you’ll likely want to bring treats, tennis balls to toss, and water to replenish your pup with. This can all be a lot to juggle, especially while simultaneously trying to keep up with an excited dog. And having your pockets weighted down on a walk is no fun. This is where a dog walking fanny pack can come in handy.

A dog walking bag is a great solution for bringing everything that you need on your walk. And it’s far more functional and comfortable than strapping on a backpack or carrying a purse. In recent years fanny packs have been making a big comeback since their initial invention in 1962. 

These hands-free bags were created by an Australian woman named Melba Stone and were said to be inspired by the pouch of a kangaroo. But some reports show the fanny pack going back as far as 1954. It’s been a useful accessory throughout the years for everyone from skiers to horseback riders, cyclists, runners, hikers and beyond. And today many people can benefit from using one for walking their dogs.

Our Top Picks:

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Best Dog Walking Fanny Packs: 7 Great Options to Try

Our favorite fanny packs for dog walking offer form, function, and fashion. Take a look at these top picks. 

Best Overall Dog Walking Fanny Pack

Our Pick: Pup Pouch Nookoo: Dog Walk Waist Fanny Pack

 Pup Pouch Nookoo

This is the crème de la crème of dog fanny packs. It has three zippered pouches that provide plenty of space to store all of your accessories. This dog walking belt bag also includes a collapsible water bowl, poop bag dispenser, D-rings to hang keys or used poop bags on, and a treat pouch with a tie string that could also be used as a water bottle holder. Plus, it’s made of durable and lightweight water-resistant nylon, so it’s a great option for all types of weather.


  • Lots of accessory storage options without being too big and bulky.
  • Comfortable and durable.
  • Hole for earbuds in the phone compartment.
  • Great value for the price. 

Things to Consider:

  • Only comes in one color: olive green
  • The water bowl is small. The description states it’s designed for dogs up to 15lbs.
  • The D-rings are not meant for leashes to attach to. They will break if pulled too hard.
  • Check the belt size. Some customer reviews complained it was either too big or too small for their waist size. 

Best Dog Training/Treat Fanny Pack

Our Pick: EDUPLINK Dog Treat Training Pouch Dog Training kit

Fanny pack for dog training

If you have a new pup in training, this is our favorite dog walking fanny pack—and it comes with some essential dog training accessories, too. The Eduplink Dog Treat Training Pouch is made of waterproof oxford cloth and can be worn as a clip-on dog training fanny pack or comes with a strap to wear around your neck or shoulder. This is nice if you have a bigger dog that might be able to reach the treats at your waist ­—or an especially food motivated pup. The Eduplink has multiple storage pockets, comes in a variety of stylish colors and is overall the perfect treat-storage fanny pack for training sessions or trips to the dog park. 


  • Waterproof and durable. 
  • Includes collapsible bowl, training clicker, emergency whistle, and poop bags.
  • Drawstring pouch for easy access to treats with one hand.
  • Low price point.
  • Can be worn as a fanny pack or shoulder bag.

Things to Consider:

  • The treat bag is pretty small and deep so if you have big hands, you might not be able to quickly reach in and grab a treat.

Best Hiking/Jogging Fanny Pack 

Our Pick: WATERFLY Hiking Waist Bag Fanny Pack

Dog fanny pack for hiking or jogging

For hiking or jogging, this is the perfect dog fanny pack. It’s made of a durable water-resistant material and the backside is a breathable mesh pad to keep your waist dry. It’s compact and has multiple compartments to store your water bottle, phone, and other accessories. The water bottle holder even has an elastic string to keep it stable when jogging. It’s also one of the more stylish options we’ve seen and it comes in a variety of different colors and patterns. Overall, the Waterfly is a great dog fanny pack for active pet parents. 


  • Stable and comfortable.
  • Lightweight.
  • Reflective safety strips for night jogging.
  • Can be worn across the waist or across your shoulder.

Things to Consider:

  • Even though it advertises to “fit all phones,” the pockets may not fit a bigger phone, such as the iPhone 8 Plus. So check the dimensions before purchasing. 

Best Dog Walking Belt Bag

Our Pick: TAKSIN The Ultimate Hands Free Dog Walking Belt

TAKSIN The Ultimate Hands Free Dog Walking Belt

Need both of your hands free? This dog walking belt bag is worn around the waist and comes with a leash with a built-in shock-absorbing bungee, as well as a handle to easily navigate your dog. You can also adjust the length of the leash, depending on how big your dog is. The Taskin comes with two zipper pockets for your phone and accessories, a poop bag dispenser, an expandable pouch that can be used to carry a used poop bag (because carrying it till the end of the walk is always a drag), a water bottle holder, and 3 D-rings so you have options of where you want to connect the leash. This is the perfect leash if you’re trying to multitask on a walk and need both hands free!


  • Comfortable and adjustable.
  • Reflective safety strips on the leash for night walks.
  • Durable leash, belt pack and hardware.
  • One year 100% satisfaction guarantee. 

Things to Consider:

  • A few of the reviews complained of the belt or D-rings breaking due to extreme cases, like when someone’s 100lb dog spotted a rabbit. If you have a big, energetic dog who loves to chase, you may run the risk of something breaking or pulling you along with them. It’s probably not the best choice for any dog that loves to pull. 
  • More expensive than most dog walking fanny packs.

Best Oversized Fanny Pack 

Our Pick: WATERFLY Fanny Pack


If you need to carry a lot of stuff for longer walks, hikes, or if you have multiple dogs, this oversized fanny pack is an ideal choice. It has three zippered pouches with lots of space for all of your accessories. There are two water bottle holders on each side and you can even use one for a small umbrella for a rainy day—because walking your dog in the pouring rain is so much better when you come prepared! This stylish dog fanny pack is made of durable and lightweight water resistant nylon and comes in 12 different color options.


  • Lots of accessory storage.
  • Optional shoulder or neck strap included. 
  • Breathable mesh inner lining to keep you dry.
  • Reflective strap for nighttime walks.

Things to Consider:

Best Clear Fanny Pack

Our Pick: FUEL Clear Fanny Pack

FUEL clear fanny pack

If you’re looking for a clear fanny pack, this is our top choice. It’s compact with two separate zip compartments and it’s very stylish! This fanny pack is made of durable PVC material, which lets you store all your items securely and keep them in view for easy, quick access. The body of this clear fanny pack is see-through but its straps and trim come in nine different color options so you can customize it to your style. 


  • Fashionable.
  • Easy to wipe clean.
  • Lifetime warranty.

Things to Consider:

  • Not recommended if you plan to carry valuable items such as cash, credit cards or your wallet.
  • Does not include a water bottle holder or poop bag dispenser. 

Best Fanny Pack With Water Bottle Holder

Our Pick: URPOWER Running Fanny Pack with Water Bottles

water bottle fanny pack

If you’re looking for a compact and lightweight dog fanny pack with plenty of water storage, this one is our pick. Designed for running, the Urpower comes with two BPA-free water bottles securely mounted on each side of the waist for even weight distribution. The belt has a “no bounce or rub” design with silica gel inside to prevent bouncing when running. And the soft Lycra material won’t irritate your skin. The pocket is big enough to fit most phones and a few accessories and even has a hole to plug in earbuds! This is a great option for pet parents that want to run with their dogs.   


  • Safety reflectors for nighttime walks/runs.
  • Good value for the price.
  • Comfortable, breathable material.

Things to Consider:

  • Check the size before purchasing to make sure it will fit your waist. Several reviews stated the belt was too big, even tightened to the smallest size for more petite people.
  • Doesn’t have a built-in poop bag dispenser. 

Dog Walking Fanny Packs: Why They’re Awesome

Dog walking is much more enjoyable if you can bring everything you need with you and comfortably stroll hands-free. With the right dog walking fanny pack, you can enjoy your walk without having to hold onto a variety of items. This provides peace of mind that you have everything you need in a safe place. And if you’ve ever dropped your phone on a walk, you know exactly what we’re talking about! 

Plus, if you have multiple dogs, there’s no question you will need your hands free to hold the leashes. 

Additionally, fanny packs have come a long way on the fashion front. These useful bags are no longer eyesores and can easily be thrown on as a cool, of-the-moment accessory. 

Check out our dog fanny pack picks to find options below that are functional, affordable, and stylish enough for strutting down any street.

What to Look for in a Fanny Pack for Dog Walking

Woman with a fanny pack walking dogs

There are several things to consider when shopping for the right dog fanny pack:  

  • What items will you be bringing with you on your walk? 
  • Do you live in a rainy climate where your dog walking accessories might get wet? 
  • Are you looking for something stylish or practical? 
  • And what type of activities will you be using your dog fanny pack for? 

Additional things to consider are what specific types of storage spaces will you need? For instance, do you need a separate water bottle holder or do you need a more lightweight dog walking belt bag to carry just the basics, like poop bags and your house keys. Or maybe you are focusing on dog training specifically and are in the market for a dog treat fanny pack to hold your pup’s favorite snacks. 

These are all important things to keep in mind when searching for the right dog walking gear.

What to Carry in Your Dog Walking Fanny Pack

Now that you have your ideal dog fanny pack, it’s time to have fun filling it up with dog walking accessories before heading out with your pup. 

Some things you may need to carry in your dog fanny pack are: