Living in a multi-dog household can make going for walks a challenge. Between juggling two leashes, full waste bags, and eager pups, a multi-dog walk can make pet parents wish they had an extra set of hands. Enter the double dog leash. This simple tool can take the stress out of walks with more than one pup, which leads to happier strolls for both ends of the leash!

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Best Double Dog Leashes: 6 Top Picks

If you are lucky enough to have more than one pup, here are some of our top picks for the best double dog leashes out there. 

Best Overall Dog Leash

Our pick: Gokotta Double Dog Reflective Leash

Double Dog Leash Reflective Detachable Coupler and Tangle Free

This simple double dog leash promises a comfortable hike for dogs and people alike. From the thickly padded handle to the ample amount of leash length for pups to enjoy during the walk, the Gokotta Double Dog Leash sweeps the category. With six bright color choices and reflective threads woven through, the Gokotta double leash for dogs mixes fashion with function for an all-round excellent choice for pups of all sizes.


  • Enough leash length for dogs to walk without crowding one another
  • Metal hook provides 360-degree rotation between top portion of leash and split portion to prevent tangles
  • Comfortable padded handle

Things to Consider

  • Some pet parents report the padded handle is small
  • Extreme pullers might dislodge rubber end cap on leash

Best Small Double Dog Leash

Our Pick: AUTOWT Small Dog Lead Splitter

AUTOWT Double Dog Leash

A double dog leash for small dogs has to be strong enough to keep walkers safe, but not so heavy that it feels uncomfortable for petite pups. The AUTOWT splitter manages to be both durable and lightweight and is a great option for pet parents looking to walk two small dogs at once. The thin yet strong end sections of the leash are adjustable and feature a shock-absorbing bungee section at the connection point to lessen the impact of abrupt stops. And at under $10, it’s a low cost option with fantastic benefits.


  • Six color choices
  • Attachment point swivels to prevent tangles
  • Reflective stitching for night visibility

Things to Consider

  • Clasps can break when walking a dog who pulls
  • The straps might not be long enough for independent walkers

Best Double Dog Leash for Large Dogs

Our pick: Caldwell’s Dual Dog Double Leash

Caldwell's Dual Dog Leash Double Dog Leash

Walking two big dogs isn’t always easy, but the Caldwell Dual Dog Leash can help streamline the process. This braided nylon option can withstand 100 pounds of pulling pressure (whether you can is another story!), and at 54-inches long, gives big dogs the room they need to explore. Pet parents will enjoy the comfortable padded handle, and pups probably appreciate the fact that the swivel connectors keep them tangle-free.


  • Longer leash length is a better option for bigger dogs
  • Strong yet lightweight, so it could also work for smaller dogs
  • Ergonomic grip

Things to Consider

  • Leash latch can break
  • Leash length can’t be adjusted

Best Leather Double Dog Leash

Our pick: Wellbro Leather Double Dog Leash

Wellbro Real Leather Double Dog Leash

Some pet parents prefer the comfort of leather leashes to nylon or rope, and the Wellbro is a great choice. This 5-foot leash provides enough space for each dog to sniff and explore while keeping them both safe. The leash is thin enough to be comfortable for dogs of different sizes but the leather and metal fixings are strong enough to withstand some pulling. It’s a classic leash that looks good while doing double duty.


  • Swivel coupler to prevent tangles
  • Classic leash design
  • Leather becomes softer with use

Things to Consider

  • Individual sections can’t be adjusted
  • One color choice
  • Might not be a fit for large breeds

Best No Tangle Double Leash

Our Pick: Wigzi Gel Handle Leash

Dual Doggie Gel Rope Leash

This handy double ended dog leash packs a ton of functionality into a simple design. Not only does it feature a comfortable gel-filled grip that’s easy on hands, it also prevents annoying leash tangles with a swivel function at the base of the handle. The two available sizes are suited for a pair of petite pups or dogs up to 175 pounds. Even though the leash doesn’t extend, with 4.5 feet of rope, most dogs will have plenty of room to roam.


  • Reflective weave in rope
  • Lightweight despite plastic handle
  • M/L size also included an option for two LED lights

Things to Consider

  • Fixings that attach to collar or harness are small
  • Some users reported gel leaking from handle

Best Hands-Free Double Leash

Our pick: Ecoconut Hands-free Leash

Dual Dog Leash

Sometimes taking two leashes down to one isn’t enough and you need to go completely hands-free. Enter the Ecoconut hands-free leash! This adjustable leash is designed to fit around the waist and splits from a single leash portion into two bungee leash sections with up to 60 inches of stretch. The unique design also features three handles: one on the center section and one on each individual section of the leashes, which enables pet parents to easily bring the dogs closer when necessary.


  • Great option for pet parents with shoulder or hand challenges
  • Shock absorbing bungee 
  • Reflective stitching for night walks

Things to Consider

  • The waist belt might fit all body types
  • Hands-free with two dogs can be dangerous for people with balance issues

What Is a Double Dog Leash?

Two dogs on a leash

Double dog leashes, also known as splitters, essentially turn two leashes into one. Instead of having to worry about multiple individual leashes, a double leash allows the pet parents to grab a single handle while keeping two or more dogs safely secured to their own portion of leash. The length of the sections of a double dog leash can vary, but the best double leashes for dogs are long enough to provide each dog enough room to walk and go to the bathroom (eliminate) without crowding the other. 

Double Dog Leash Buying Guide

Two dogs walking on a double dog leash

There are two primary elements to keep in mind when shopping for the best double dog leash:  strength and length. Since a double leash needs to safely handle the combined weight of two dogs, it should be sturdy enough to stay in one piece (from the leash materials to the clasps) but not so thick and heavy that it’s uncomfortable for the dogs or you. 

The length of the leash, especially the “split” piece, should be long enough to afford the dogs comfortable room to roam. Double dog leashes that leave less than a foot between dogs don’t allow for enough space and could lead to escalating tension during walks. 

Double dog leashes aren’t a fit for every household, so there are some cons to consider. Dogs who are extreme pullers might be even more difficult to control when that pulling power is concentrated on one leash and multiplied by two dogs, especially with dogs who outweigh their walkers. Despite what some product descriptions say, double leashes are not designed to be “anti-pull.”

The close quarters on double leashes might not work for dogs with different walking styles, like if one prefers to trot along while the other needs to stop and smell the roses. Some double leash options might not work if the dogs are different sizes, since the weight of the leash might not be appropriate for both dogs. 

And despite the most advanced “swivel head” technology, dogs can still become tangled, which could lead to frustration. 

How to Use a Double Dog Leash

Before setting off on a long walk with double dog leashes, make sure to do a few test runs to work out any potential challenges. Watch the body language of both dogs to make sure they’re equally comfortable with the new equipment, keeping in mind that there will be an adjustment period. And remember, most walks are to give pups a chance to go to the bathroom, so if a double leash inhibits that important aspect, it might be best to skip it.