This Halloween, plenty of pups will be dressed up as cute little pumpkins, hot dogs, and superheroes. Your four-legged friend is already adorable, so why not think outside the box with a funny dog costume this year? 

To simplify the process, we’ve rounded up some of our favorite funny dog costumes of 2024 that are sure to turn heads and make people laugh. Trust us, these dog Halloween costumes are a real treat!

Our Picks: Top Funny Dog Costumes

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7 Funny Dog Costumes That Will Make You Howl 

Get ready to laugh your tail off with these funny dog Halloween costumes. 

Best Overall Funny Dog Costume

Our pick: Winifred Sanderson

Winifred Sanderson dog costume

Amok, amok, amok! If the witch sisters from Hocus Pocus put a spell on you back in the ’90s, we can’t think of a better funny dog Halloween costume than Winifred Sanderson — especially on the heels of the new sequel. The green velvet dress with gold trim and purple underskirt is pretty spot on, but it’s the red curly wig that will steal the spotlight this All Hallows’ Eve. A night of frolic indeed! 


  • Includes velvet dress with step-in legs and self-stick fabric fastener, and wig that attaches with elastic band
  • Available in four sizes
  • Officially licensed
  • Made in the USA

Things to Consider

  • Pricier option
  • If your pet won’t tolerate a wig, the costume will lose a bit of its magic 
  • Some sizes already sold out 

Best Funny Large Dog Costume

Our pick: Stegosaurus Dog Costume 

Stegosaurus dog costume

Watch out Jurassic Park, Fido’s got a brand new outfit. If you’re shopping for big dog Halloween costumes, a Stegosaurus dinosaur might be the perfect choice. The outfit is made of comfy fabric that easily attaches underneath with a hook-and-loop closure and includes a matching hood and foam spikes along the back and tail. This funny dog costume comes in five different sizes, but we think this is a perfect large dog costume. (It is a dinosaur after all.) 


  • Good quality with stuffing between lining and shell 
  • One reviewer noted it was easy for their dog to walk around, poop and pee
  • Available in five different sizes

Things to Consider

  • Four “sleeves” for each leg might be tricky to put on
  • Some dogs don’t like wearing headpieces
  • HalloweenCostumes site says this costume is not returnable once you open the package

Best Funny Small Dog Costume

Our pick: Cowboy Rider Dog Costume 

Cowboy dog costume

Giddy up! This is one of the funniest small dog Halloween costumes out there, and you can’t beat the price. Saddle up your pup with a cowboy on his back this Halloween and get the camera ready because this will be hilarious! This funny dog costume is easy to put on and take off, is made of soft cotton and polyester, and is recommended for smaller dog breeds. Plus, it got mostly all 5-star reviews from almost 4,000 customers! 


  • Excellent reviews
  • Available in four different sizes
  • Inexpensive

Things to Consider

  • Some customers said the cowboy didn’t stay upright, so take your pictures early in the evening.
  • Not recommended for high-energy dogs. 

Best Funny Female Dog Costume

Our pick: Ariel Pet Costume

Ariel halloween dog costume

Disney princess costumes usually elicit all the “awwws,” but there is something adorably funny about a dog strolling along down the—what’s that word again?— street in a mermaid tail, seashell bra, and red wig. Your pup will be wanderin’ free in this Ariel pet costume, and we so want to be part of that world. 


  • Officially licensed polyester costume
  • Tail and bikini top both have a hook and loop fastener, and wig has an elastic band to secure around your pet’s head
  • Comes in four sizes, but there is a “plus” size version for XXL and XXXL dogs

Things to Consider

  • A little pricey compared to others on our list
  • Some customers said their dog was not a fan of the wig, but the costume is still funny even without it 
  • HalloweenCostumes site says this costume is not returnable once you open the package

Best Funny Male Dog Costume

Our pick: Where’s Waldo Pet Costume 

Where's wlado dog halloween costume

OK, not many funny dog costumes can top this one. Your dog won’t be very hard to spot while wearing this “Where’s Waldo” pet costume, which features a red and white striped shirt and hat with attached glasses. Hilarious! It’s available in four different sizes, but be sure to check the sizing chart before ordering. 


  • Polyester pullover shirt
  • Hat and eye mask have elastic band to secure around head
  • Excellent reviews
  • 30-day return policy on Amazon
  • Comes in four sizes

Things to Consider

  • The hat and glasses may not stay on higher energy dogs
  • Some dogs may not like wearing the goggles, but it would still be a cute costume without these.

Best Budget Funny Dog Costume

Our pick: Pirate Dog Costume 

Pirate dog costume

Ahoy, matey! A pirate costume is a Halloween classic. And you won’t need to rob a treasure chest to snag this budget-friendly option. This cute and funny dog Halloween costume includes a pirate vest with raised arms and a hat. It’s made of comfortable polyester and features a hook-and-loop closure and elastic band to keep it secure. It comes in four different sizes, and you can easily match your pet with a pirate costume of your own! 


  • Inexpensive
  • 30-day return policy on Amazon
  • Great choice for owners who want to match their pet’s costume

Things to Consider

  • Some reviewers noted that it runs small
  • Some reviewers thought the material felt cheap, but this is a budget option
  • Some dogs don’t like wearing hats

Best Funny Dog and Owner Costume

Our pick: Burrito Dog Costume

Burrito dog Halloween costume

Food-inspired Halloween costumes are always a crowd pleaser—and offer plenty of possibilities to pair up with your pooch. This easy-to-wear burrito dog costume features a tortilla shirt, complete with lettuce and cheese ruffle around the neck, and a sombrero hat. But what’s a burrito without a little extra heat? Dress up as a Taco Bell hot sauce packet and you’ll be the perfect accompaniment. 


  • Polyester shirt with hook and loop fastener
  • Headpiece has adjustable elastic band
  • Comes in four different sizes

Things to Consider

  • Not all dogs will wear a hat, but still works without it
  • Burrito costume is not returnable if you have already opened the package

Funny Dog Costume Buyer’s Guide

When searching online for funny dog costumes, you’ll notice there are hundreds to choose from. Here are a few things to consider that will help narrow your hunt for the perfect dog Halloween costume:

Will your dog even wear a costume? Some dogs refuse to wear clothing altogether. Even if you think a dog Halloween costume is funny, your pet may not be amused. Before shopping for dog Halloween costumes, we suggest making sure your pup is willing to wear a costume first.

Do a trial run. Try on a dog shirt or bandana to see how your pet reacts. Since a lot of funny dog costumes come with headpieces, you might also have your pup try wearing a hat. Doing a little trial beforehand will give you an idea of what type of dog costume to shop for.

Factor in location. Consider what you’ll be doing this year for Halloween with your pet. Will you be attending an event with a theme? Will you be trick-or-treating where your dog will need to go for a long walk? If so, plan accordingly, i.e., don’t buy a costume that hangs down low with many attachments if you plan on parading your pup around the neighborhood all night. 

Comfort is king. The most important thing is to make sure your pup is comfortable. Your dog should be able to walk, sit, and lie down in their costume. Some signs that your pet is uncomfortable may include whining, scratching, or trying to shake the costume off. No matter how funny a dog Halloween costume may be, it’s not worth causing unnecessary stress or anxiety for your pup.