If you’re like most pet parents, you stick with the basics when dressing up your dog. Matching leash and collar? Check. Bandana? Check. Yet if you want to add more fashion to your pup’s apparel, consider a dog bow tie. 

For starters, it’s an easy way to add fashion without looking like you’re trying to be the next pet influencer. And it’s a pet accessory that’s easily tolerated by most dogs, since bow ties don’t feel different from regular collars. 

Below, we’ve chosen 10 dog bow ties that will make your pup stand out. 

Dog Bow Ties: The Perfect Pet Accessory

Very sweet happy dog in a bow tie

First, a disclaimer: You don’t need an occasion to dress up your dog. Maybe it’s a dreary day and you need something to boost your mood. Or you want to snap a cute photo and share it on social media.   

Yet if you do have an occasion, whether a birthday party, holiday event, or a wedding, adding a bow tie to your dog’s collar can amp up the festivities. And who doesn’t love a dressed-up dog, no matter the accessory? Cue the cameras. 

Our Top Dog Bow Tie Picks

Happy dog wearing a bow tie at home

You can find bow ties for dogs everywhere these days, and the choices seem endless. To help you narrow things down, here are our top picks for the most adorable, functional and fashionable dog-friendly bow ties.  

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Best Dog Bow Tie for the Pampered Pup

Our Pick: LuxeMutt Martini Bow Tie Leather Dog Collar

LuxeMutt® Martini Bow Tie Leather Dog Collar

This bow tie, which is handmade in the United States, is for the pooch who wants to make a statement when walking into a room. The leather is buttery soft, and the collar can easily be adjusted for a smaller or larger fit.   


  • Available in 4 different colors
  • Comes in 5 sizes ranging from small to XX-large

Things to Consider

  • For humans who don’t support leather, this is a no-go
  • More expensive than other dog bow ties

Best Dog Bow Tie for Weddings

Our Pick: Little Brotique Black Dog Bow Tie

Black Dog Bow Tie

Call this the little black dress of the canine bow tie world. It comes attached to a black collar so you’ll have to make sure you choose the right size for your dog’s neck. But once you do, this classy bow tie stays in place, making it a dream wedding pick. 


  • Available in 5 different sizes
  • Made from super soft and comfortable cotton

Things to Consider  

  • It’s a handmade best seller, so it may be tough to get

Best Dog Bow Tie for the Undecided Pup

Our Pick: Segarty Bow Ties for Dogs

Segarty Bow Ties for Dogs

If you like options for your pup’s attire, this multi-tie set is a must. You get 30 bow ties in the pack and can choose between classic or vibrant designs. Each tie comes on an easy-to-clip collar to help ensure it stays in place. 


  • Ties can be washed 
  • Collars adjust from 7.9 to 15.7 inches
  • Great value for what you get

Things to Consider

  • These bow ties may not fit extra large dogs 

Best Budget-Friendly Dog Bow Tie

Our Pick: BandanasByPapaBar Polka Dot Bow Ties for Dogs

You don’t have to be Elle Woods to appreciate the appeal of matching dog and owner ensembles. Luckily, with these affordable and fashionable handmade dog bow ties, you won’t need to spend an Elle-sized fortune on color-coordinated pet accessories! Choose from an array of dapper bow ties in cheerful colors, each featuring a classic polka dot patterned tie that attaches to your dog’s collar via an elastic loop. 


  • Handmade
  • Available in a variety of vibrant color combinations
  • Come in medium/small and x-large/large sizes
  • So affordable, you can buy multiples to match any mood or vibe

Things to Consider

  • Material/print can vary

Best Small Dog Bow Tie

Our Pick: Pets & Love Boutique Small Dog Bow Ties

Small Dog and Cat Bowties and Bows

These dainty bow ties, which come in several different patterns, are perfect for small dogs. They are designed to fit up to one-inch collars, and they use Velcro to go around your dog’s collar. Bonus? A portion of the proceeds is donated to local shelters and rescues.


  • Available in 20 colors
  • Easily adjusts to your dog’s collar
  • Small enough for cats, too

Things to Consider

  • Supply from this seller goes fast. If you see something you like, snatch it up! 

Best Large Dog Bow Tie

Our Pick: Huxley and Kent Madras Plaid Bow Tie

Huxley & Kent Bow Tie | Blue Madras | Pet Bow Tie Collar Attachment

We love the look of a madras plaid bow tie, and this one from Huxley and Kent is available in larger sizes going up to an extra large, which is 6 inches wide. Now, that’s a substantial bow tie! If plaid isn’t your thing, the brand has plenty of other colors and patterns to choose from. 


  • Available up to an extra large size
  • Easy to attach to any collar with a hook and loop
  • Machine washable

Things to Consider

  • Even the smaller sizes are a bit big for small dogs. 

Best Dog Birthday Bow Tie

Our Pick: It’s My Birthday Dog Bow Tie

It’s My Birthday Dog Bow Ties

If you want your dog to celebrate their birthday in style, this special bow tie is the perfect pawty attire! It’s available in two different colors with universal appeal and bright words that read “It’s My Birthday” (just so everyone knows whose special day it is). This tie has a hook and loop on the back, which makes it easy to strap to any collar. 


  • Available in 4 different sizes and 2 color options.
  • Material is durable.
  • Easily straps on to most dog collars.

Things to Consider

  • Can only be spot cleaned.
  • Handmade items may take longer to ship.

Best Dog Christmas Bow Tie

Our Pick: Christmas Dog Collar With Bow

Christmas Dog Collar with Bow, Adjustable Christmas Plaid Dog Collars

If you’re searching for the perfect dog stocking stuffer during the holidays, this festive set fits the bill. There are two dog bow ties in this package—one is a plaid red, the other a plaid green—along with matching collars. And while they’re holiday-themed, they don’t scream it, which means you can use them all winter long. Each tie has elastic straps so if you want to interchange them or move them to a different collar, you can. 


  • Available in small, medium, and large
  • Bow and collar are interchangeable 
  • Designs can be worn all winter long

Things to Consider

  • Must be hand washed 

Best Dog Easter Bow Tie

Our Pick: Jelly Bean Dog Bowtie

Jelly Bean Dog Bowtie

Does anything say Easter more than jelly beans? Now your dog can sport that message with this colorful tie that can be purchased with a felt carrot to complete the design. 


  • Elastic loop makes it easy to slip over a collar
  • Comes packaged in a plastic egg (so cute!)

Things to Consider

  • Designed for medium dogs so let seller know if your dog is another size

Best Halloween Dog Bow Tie

Our Pick: Ghost Dog Bow Tie

Ghost Dog Bow Tie- Halloween Dog Bow Tie

Spooky season deserves a special dog bow tie! Pumpkins and ghosts come together on this cuter-than-a-button accessory that attaches with two hook-and-loop fasteners. It’s designed to fit collars that are up to an inch wide; if your dog wears a larger collar, just add that to the notes. 


  • Available in 5 sizes
  • Design stands out, even on dogs with black fur

Things to Consider

  • Requires hands washing 

Best Monogrammed Dog Bow Tie

Our Pick: Personalized Name Dog Bow

Nametag dog bow personalized name

Nobody will have to guess your dog’s name with this bow because it is printed in cursive in white multiple times! This personalized dog bow tie has elastic loops that can slide onto any collar and it can be customized to fit your pup’s style.


  • Available in 16 different colors
  • Bow comes in five sizes, ranging from extra small to extra large

Things to Consider

  • There’s only one font available, and it may not be everyone’s favorite.