Dog hoodies might seem like little more than an Instagram-driven fashion trend in the canine world. While they certainly are stylish, hoodies are also practical and at times, even necessary.

So whether you want your dog to strut around and show off the latest streetwear or stay warm during a winter walk, we pulled together our favorite hooded sweatshirts for dogs that are both practical and fashion forward.

Our Top Picks:

Dog Hoodies: Why Your Dog Might Need One 

Dog on a walk wearing clothing to keep warm

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean that your dog doesn’t need exercise. No matter the season, dogs want to play outside and join you on fun outdoor excursions. But some dogs get so cold that they shake and shiver and have a miserable experience as a result. Enter the dog hoodie.

Think of a dog hoodie as an extra layer of protection against the elements—one that can even cover their ears and head. Dogs with short hair lack the coat to keep them warm in cooler temperatures, and because they’re then more prone to shivering and getting cold, a hoodie can help keep their body and head warm. 

Smaller dogs and even older dogs, regardless of their coat, may also be excellent candidates for a hoodie. 

Top Dog Hoodie Picks

Dog wearing a hoodie and matching their owner

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Searching for a dog hoodie can be an overwhelming task simply because there are so many on the market. So we searched for you, scouring the internet to pick our favorite fashionable finds.  

ChoChoCho Pup Dog Hoodie

ChoChoCho Pup Dog Hoodie

Who doesn’t love a classic gray sweatshirt? Now you can style your dog in a gray dog hoodie, too. It’s as stylish as it is comfortable and even features arm sleeves that hang at the dog’s elbows. And if you want to walk your dog in this, there’s a hole in the back for a leash or harness. 


  • Available in seven sizes starting with a medium
  • Classic, timeless look
  • Cute design on the back 

Things to Consider

  • Smaller sizes aren’t always available

FitWarm Textured Knit Hooded Sweatshirt

FitWarm textured dog hoodie

Your dog might not care about the textured look of this gray hoodie, but you certainly will. The pattern and fluffy sleeves and hood adds to its visual appeal. The hoodie features short sleeves for comfort and a neutral color that will appeal to plenty of different dog styles.


  • Comes in 4 sizes
  • Discreet hole in the back for leash attachment
  • Cut higher on the belly for easy, no-mess potty breaks

Things to Consider

  • Available only in one color
  • Only fits small dogs

Personalized Dog Hoodie 

Personalized dog hoodies

Every dog needs his or her own personalized hoodie. Translation: No more mixing up hoodies at doggy daycare. You can choose the font and color for the personalization. Just be warned: This hoodie is so soft and comfortable that your pup may want to use it as a bed instead. 


  • Available in 6 sizes and 6 colors
  • Features a pouch on the back and short sleeves
  • Openings for arms and back have a comfortable elastic design

Things to Consider

  • You’ll need to size this one carefully since personalized merchandise cannot be returned

Adidog Hoodie

black dog hoodie

Adidas might not make hoodies for dogs, but this Etsy seller does, and it’s sure to be a crowd pleaser. Even if your dog isn’t the athletic type, this hoodie will make your dog look athletic, and it’s great not only for walking but relaxing around the house. Snap-on buttons make this a cinch to put on and take off.  


  • Available in 6 colors
  • Size range is vast, starting with small

Things to Consider

  • Price increases as you get into larger sizes
  • No slit for leashes

Personalised Letter Dog Hoodie

Personalized letter dog hoodie

If you love the idea of personalizing a hoodie, here’s another option. Rather than featuring the whole name, though, just choose an initial, and it’ll be sewn onto the front of the hoodie with a large patch-like letter. Short sleeves will help keep your dog’s front legs warm.


  • Features a leash hole at the back of the hoodie
  • Comes in 6 sizes and 4 colors

Things to Consider

  • Non-refundable so you’ll have to be accurate in measuring your dog for the right fit

SCENEREAL Reflective Dog Hoodies

SCENEREAL Dog Hoodie Fleece Lining

This hoodie not only has comfort but also safety in mind with the reflective strips which come in handy if your dog is outside in the dark. This dog sweatshirt is lined with fleece to keep your pup extra warm. Plus, it features a snap button design to make dressing your dog easy.


  • Available in 4 colors and 3 different sizes
  • Features a leash hole in the back 
  • Knit fabric has an adorable denim-like pattern

Things to Consider

  • So cute you may want more than one color

Fragralley Dog Hoodie

Fragralley Dog Hoodie

Puffer jackets aren’t just for people. Now your dog can get in on the action, too, with this functional hoodie that’s not only windproof but also waterproof. The hood is actually detachable so you can decide if you want it on or off; if it’s off, a long collar can roll up to your dog’s ears. Bonus? Because of the hugging nature of the hoodie, Fragralley says it provides soothing relief for anxiety. 


  • Available in seven sizes and six colors
  • Pocket on the back can hold treats and poop bags

Things to Consider

  • Not every color is available for every size