Pet parents who walk their dogs regularly—whether on city streets or the blocks of a suburban neighborhood—understand the importance of a dog poop bag holder. Shoving pet waste bags into your pocket isn’t ideal, but a convenient and cute poop bag holder helps keep your life and your walks organized and easier. 

If you attach a dog poop bag holder to your dog’s leash or keep it near your dog walking supplies, you’ll be less likely to forget the waste bags. And that can prevent you from being empty handed when nature calls. After all, no pet parent wants to receive a fine or be responsible for leaving behind a mess

With so many dog poop bag holders available, we rounded up our favorites that are cute, durable, and easy to use. 

Our Top Picks

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Best Poop Bag Holder Picks

Best Dog Poop Bag Holder: Overall Winner

Our Pick: Wild One Poop Bag Carrier

Wild One Poop Bag Carrier

Sure, picking up dog poop is a pretty mundane task, but your holder of poop bags doesn’t have to be boring. We are BIG fans of the Poop Bag Carrier from Wild One. Not only is elastic band easy to attach to pretty much anything, but it also comes in a variety of cool, monochrome colors that make picking up poop (dare we say it?) a cheerful activity. Plus, the whole thing is easy to wipe clean.


  • Elastic band makes attaching this holder easy.
  • Great color selections.
  • Simple design makes it effective and easy to use.
  • Comes with a pack of poop bags.

Things to Consider:

  • It’s not the biggest poop bag holder, so you may have to refill bags frequently.

Best Dog Poop Bag Holder Fanny Pack

Our Pick: Olimpiafit Fanny Pack for Women and Men

Olimpiafit fanny pack (dog poop bag holder)

Okay, here us out—fanny packs are back! We really love how this pack by Olimpiafit offers a lot of versatility for dog walks, hikes, or traveling. It’s a great bag holder, but it can also hold everything your dog might need, ranging from treats to a small water bottle. It allows you to be hands free and really focus on the task at hand—walking your dog. We recommend putting the poop bags in one of the front compartments so that you can find them easily when the time comes. This is also great because it can be worn in different ways. Try it as a traditional fanny pack around your waist or wear it across your body—whatever is more comfortable. 


  • Highly versatile in what you can pack and how you can wear it.
  • Fits poop bags in addition to your dog’s other accessories and snacks.
  • Features six different compartments for your dog’s items.
  • Water resistant material. 
  • We like the inclusion of a headphone jack if you want to jam out while walking your dog.

Things to Consider

  • Might be a bit bulky for shorter walks, but ideal for longer walks, outings, or hikes.
  • If you have a very small waist, some reviewers said the strap was too big. Make sure to read the measurements.

Best Dog Poop Bag Holder for Leash

Our Pick: Earth Rated Leash Dispenser for Dog Waste Bags

Earth Rated Dog Bag Dispenser

While most dog poop bag holders will attach to your dog’s leash, we are big fans of this option from Earth Rated. This waste bag holder is small and compact, and attaches easily to any leash with a strong piece of velcro. The other great thing about this poop bag holder is that it comes with a clip in the back that holds your used poop bags—keeping your hands free until you can find a trash can. While this holder is specifically designed to accommodate Earth Rated Poop Bags, you can use any similar-sized bags, as long as they have a hole in the middle of the roll.


  • Easily attaches to any leash.
  • Includes a clip that holds your used poop bags.
  • Small and convenient size.
  • The price of $3.99 can’t be beat. 

Things to Consider

  • Bags will need a tube or hole in the middle of the roll to fit in this holder.
  • Some users find the screw-on top a bit annoying. 

Best Cute Dog Poop Bag Holder

Our Pick: Onybte Patterned Dog Poop Bag Holder 2-Pack

Onybte Patterned Dog Poop Bag Holder 2-Pack

Most dog poop bag holders are pretty basic. After all, they’re meant to be practical pet accessories and are not necessarily designed as a fashion statement. But if you’re looking for a cute dog poop bag holder, we happen to adore this two-pack from Onybte. Not only do you get two stylish poop bag dispensers, but you also get two rolls of bags, too—all for a great price. The black-and-white and pink-and-black colors feel very current and modern and the geometric design is effortlessly cool. Plus, the waste bag holders function great. They feature an easy zipper pouch to get bags in and a circular hole to pull them out. Plus, they clip onto leashes with a sturdy carabiner-style clip. 


  • Package comes with two dispensers and two rolls of bags.
  • Modern and chic designs offer some style.
  • Easily attaches to leashes with a carabiner-style clip.
  • Fits most waste-bag rolls.
  • Waterproof.

Things to Consider

  • No other color or design options available.

Best Dog Poop Bag Holder With Flashlight

Our Pick: Dog Poop Pickup Bags Holder with LED Flashlight

Dog waste bag dispenser with flashlight

Sometimes it helps to have some extra light while on walks with your dog. And that’s why we love this waste bag holder with a built-in LED flashlight. The design is simple and easy to use, but it’s incredibly useful, especially when walking your dog at night or in low-light settings. It has two different leash-attachment options—a carabiner or a hook and loop fastener—so you can choose the one that works best for you. The flashlight turns on with the simple click of a button and can light objects up to 100 feet away! You can use this dispenser with the included poop bags or choose different bags that you like better. 


  • Simple design and easy-to-use, built-in flashlight.
  • Flashlight has a nice range of up to 100 feet.
  • Two different leash attachment options.
  • Comes with dog poop bags.
  • Comes with batteries.

Things to Consider

  • Batteries only have a 3-4 hour battery life, so make sure to turn off the flashlight when not in use.
  • Some reviewers said that the battery makes this poop bag holder a bit heavy.
  • Not the most durable option, but the price makes it worth it.

Best Canvas Dog Poop Bag Holder

Our Pick: G.A.S. Dog Poop Bag Dispenser

G.A.S. canvas dog poop bag holder

If you’re looking for a high-quality, durable, canvas dog poop bag holder, look no further. This black, cotton canvas option from the brand G.A.S. is simple, stylish, and eco-friendly. It features a sturdy metal D-ring and a zipper and attaches easily to any leash or harness. There’s enough room in this waste bag dispenser to also hold any personal items like credit cards or keys. But what we really love about this canvas option is the fact that it’s made without plastic and the company donates 10 percent of proceeds to the Soi Dog Foundation, which improves the lives of dogs in Asia. 


  • Made of durable, cotton-canvas material.
  • Sleek and simple design.
  • Sturdy hardware for attaching this to a leash.
  • Roomy waste bag dispenser for extra storage.
  • Environmentally friendly option—made without plastic.
  • Portion of the proceeds helps animals in need. 

Things to Consider

  • There’s no messaging of this poop bag holder being waterproof or water resistant, so the canvas might get damp when used in the rain. 
  • The clip is a bit small and may not attach easily around larger leashes.

Why Do I Need a Dog Poop Bag Holder?

While you don’t necessarily need a dog poop bag holder, having one on hand during your walks or outings makes cleaning up after your pet much easier. If you need to bring dog poop bags out with you, a poop bag holder keeps your bags accessible and organized.

Most pet waste bag holders fit the majority of dog poop bags that are available in pet retail stores and online. Most of these bags come in a roll, and poop bag holders help make tearing off a new bag simple. We’ve tried just carrying the roll and it’s never an easy feat to figure out where one bag ends and another bag begins! 

And pet parents can’t afford not to clean up after their pets. Nearly every state has laws that prohibit pet owners from leaving behind waste, and fines can range from $20 to $10,000. 

Besides the financial downfalls of not picking up after your pet, dog poop can contaminate the water supply, dirty up neighborhoods, and is a big nuisance to communities. If you have a dedicated dog poop bag holder, you’re less likely to leave your pet waste bags at home when you go out for a walk.

What to Look for in a Dog Poop Bag Holder

Cute French Bulldog on walk

While the choice of style and functionality is up to you when choosing a waste bag holder, there are a few things to keep in mind when shopping. 


If convenience is important to you, look for a dog poop bag holder that attaches to your dog’s leash. Ones that can be worn as fanny packs around your waist or clipped to your belt are also a good option. 


Nobody wants a clunky and oversized dog poop bag holder. Look for ones that are compact and easy to carry. If you don’t plan to attach it to your dog’s leash, it should be easy to carry in your pocket or purse. 


You don’t want to buy a dog poop bag holder that is cheaply made or won’t hold up. Look for quality materials and manufacturing so that the product will last a long time and won’t fall apart, scattering bags everywhere! 


In addition to finding a dog poop bag holder that is durable, look for one that is either completely waterproof or water resistant. Chances are you’ll have to walk your dog in the rain or snow, and you don’t want to deal with sopping wet bags when trying to clean up after your pet.