Snow on the ground shouldn’t stop you and your dog from getting outside and enjoying the great outdoors. In fact, some dogs love to play in the snow! But just like cold-weather activities for us humans, it’s important to prepare some warm and waterproof gear to keep your dog protected from the elements.  

A dog snowsuit is the perfect solution so you can still enjoy the winter weather without worrying about your dog feeling the cold. We’ve rounded up our favorite snow clothes for dogs, so you can both enjoy your next snow day to the fullest.      

Best Dog Snowsuits

Whether you’re looking for a snowsuit that offers full protection for long winter walks, or something to protect your dog’s legs but leave their topline free, here are our favorite cold-weather options. 

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Best Overall Dog Snowsuit

Our Pick: Canada Pooch Dog Snowsuit

Canada Pooch Dog suit

If you’re looking for a super soft and warm snowsuit, this covers all the bases and then some. It offers total body protection combined with an easy wrap-around design with a side zip. The extended neck acts like a cozy snood to keep your dog as warm as possible. Thanks to the heat-reflective foil lining your dog will be snug as a bug. 

Things We Like

  • Offers total body protection 
  • Leash opening 
  • Durable materials 

Things to Consider

  • An expensive choice 

Best Dog Snowsuit With Attached Boots

Our Fit: Custom Fit Full Body Dog Snowsuit with Boots

CUSTOM FIT Dog Winter Clothes Made Snowsuit Winter Full Body Jacket Coat Warm

If you’d like our dog to have some additional protection, this custom-made snowsuit for dogs comes with attached boots. The merino wool and silk lining offers excellent insulation against cold weather while the waterproof fabric keeps your dog dry. The attached boots feature Velcro fastenings and a non-slip flexible rubber sole.     

Things We Like

  • Custom made for your dog
  • High-quality materials 
  • Perfect for extreme winter conditions 

Things to Consider 

  • You’ll need to provide exact measurements 
  • It may take longer to get your order, since it’s made for your dog

Best Large Dog Snowsuit

Our Pick: GF Creekside Insulated Dog Snowsuit

GF Pet Creekside Insulated Dog Snowsuit

This two-piece snowsuit comes with detachable pants for the ultimate flexible dog wear. The Elasto-Fit Technology means this is adjustable to fit a wide range of large dog breeds. The Velcro fastenings make it very easy to get this snowsuit on and off. The hood features an eye-catching vegan fur trim—for a little winter style!  

Things We Like

  • Reflective details 
  • Can be used with and without pants 
  • Adjustable fit

Things to Consider

  • More expensive than most canine snowsuits 

Best Small Dog Snowsuit

Our Pick: SELMAI Small Dog Hooded Snowsuit

SELMAI Small Dog Apparel Airman Fleece Winter Coat Snowsuit Hooded Jumpsuit Waterproof

The adorable styling of this air force-themed snowsuit is hard to resist! In addition to being incredibly warm thanks to the thick fleece lining, this snowsuit features a faux-fur hood trim and decorative patches. The snap fastenings along the belly also make this super easy to put on and take off your small dog. 

Things We Like:

  • Five sizes available 
  • Very warm 
  • Waterproof outer 
  • Fashionable and fun

Things to Consider 

  • No leash opening   

Best Full Body Dog Snowsuit

Our Pick: Dog Helios Blizzard Full-Body Dog Snowsuit

Dog Helios Blizzard Full-Bodied Reflective Dog Jacket

This premium snowsuit features a waterproof and windproof outer layer combined with a cozy fleece-lined interior. The adjustable leg straps mean you can get the perfect fit, while the top zipper makes it easy to get this snowsuit on and off. If you’re looking to keep your dog warm in extreme winter conditions, this snowsuit definitely fits the bill.       

Things We Like

  • Leash opening on back 
  • Multiple sizes and colors 
  • Reflective piping

Things to Consider

  • Sizes run a little small 

Best Dog Snow Pants

Our Pick: FouFou Dog Bodyguard All Weather Dog Pants

FouFou Dog Bodyguard Protective All-Weather Dog Pants

Not all dogs need a full snowsuit, but you might still want to protect their legs in colder weather or deep snow. Snow pants are a great way to keep your dog’s legs and undercarriage free from snow build-up, or from dirty slush and mud. These snow pants fasten over your dog’s back using adjustable webbing straps and plastic clips. 

Things We Like

  • Six sizes available 
  • Water resistant 
  • Easy to put on and take off

Things to Consider

  • Won’t keep your dog as warm as a snowsuit 

What is a Snowsuit for Dogs?

pug in blue snowsuit outside in the snow

A snowsuit is an insulated piece of pet clothing that offers more protection than a regular coat. Snowsuits are usually made from at least two layers—one interior layer for insulation and one exterior waterproof and windproof layer. Some snowsuits have a light amount of insulation, while others are designed for extreme cold with additional insulating layers using materials like foil or wool.  

Snowsuits for dogs usually have leg protection as well as full body protection. The legs may be removable, or attached to the snowsuit. You’ll find options with full coverage for all four legs, others with shorter front legs, and even snow pants that protect your dog’s legs but leave their upper body free. Think about the kind of walks you’ll be taking in the snow, combined with your dog’s type of coat, to figure out what kind of protection they need from dog snow gear. Dog winter gear should fit fairly close to your dog’s body, so they can’t get their legs caught in the suit as they move around. 

Remember that not all dog breeds will necessarily need a snowsuit. Some breeds like Huskies and Malamutes have thick double coats that provide all the weatherproof protection they need. But for other breeds with single coats like Boxers or Greyhounds, a snowsuit can help them stay more comfortable when they’re outside in colder weather. Smaller breeds are also more susceptible to the cold, so some cozy dog cold weather gear can definitely help persuade them it’s okay to go outside and play! 

How to Measure for a Dog Snowsuit 

Measuring a young puppy with measurement tape

Because many snowsuits for dogs have legs, it’s important to measure your pup accurately. Different brands usually provide their own sizing guidelines, so be sure to follow these specifically. These guides can vary significantly, so even if you already have some other clothing for your dog, don’t assume they’ll need the same size.

For most snowsuits, you’ll need to measure your dog’s length (from the back of their neck to the base of their tail) in addition to their chest and beck. Use a soft fabric tape measure and then compare your dog’s measurements to the size guide. If you don’t have a soft tape measure, use a piece of yarn or string instead, and then measure the string. 

Snowsuits don’t usually have any stretch, especially on the outer waterproof layer. So if your dog falls between two sizes, it’s usually recommended to select the larger size.