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Hiking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors with your four-legged friend. In addition to exercise, a trek on the trails can strengthen the bond with your dog and provide valuable sensory enrichment (smells and sounds and chipmunks, oh my!)

Ready to get out and get moving? Before you do, make sure you’re properly prepared. Hiking with dogs requires some specialized supplies to ensure a safe, comfortable outing.

Read on for 10 products you won’t want to leave home without, as well as some important safety tips.

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Dog Hiking Safety Tips

woman with dog hiking on cliff

Hiking with your dog may require some adjustments to your usual routine. When planning a hike, consider the following tips from Dr. Karen Stasiak, a veterinarian at Zoetis.

Make sure your dog is fit enough. If your dog doesn’t regularly join you for hikes, make sure he’s up to the task, advises Stasiak. Check in with your veterinarian to ensure your pet is healthy enough for the workout.

Prep for parasites. Dogs that will be exploring with you on the trails should be up-to-date on vaccines and flea, tick, and heartworm preventives, says Stasiak.

Pick dog-friendly routes. “Try to pick shady trails with soft terrain, and avoid paths littered with sharp rocks and any surface that gets very hot,” says Stasiak.

Take plenty of water breaks. Make sure to stop regularly along the way to allow your dog to drink water. But never allow your dog to drink from standing water. “It often contains parasites and other bacteria, which can be harmful or fatal to your companion,” adds Stasiak.

Work up to longer hikes. As for duration, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. If your dog is new to hiking, plan a short trip and slowly work your way up to longer treks. Regardless of fitness level, scale back your hike on hot days.

Inspect your dog when you’re done. Once in the car or upon arrival home, inspect your pup! “Make sure to thoroughly check your pet for ticks, cuts, burrs, and any other abnormalities,” says Stasiak. “If you find a tick on your dog, don’t panic—but do remove it right away.”

9 Must-Have Hiking Products

From basic essentials to just-in-case safety gear, these handy products make hiking with your dog a walk in the park.

Highwave Water Bottle & Bowl

Highwave AutoDogMug

Fresh water – and plenty of it – should be at the top of your packing list. Just like us, dogs need to drink more water when exercising, especially when the weather is warm.

To save space, consider a bottle-and-bowl combo, such as the Highwave AutoDogMug. The crafty design provides a comfortable way for your dog to hydrate without wasting precious H2O. To fill the bowl, simply give the bottle a squeeze; when your dog is done drinking, any remaining water will drain back into the bottle and can be enjoyed later.


  • Fits most bike and car cup holders
  • Carrying straps attach to wrist or backpack
  • Made from BPA-free plastic

QUMY Waterproof Dog Boots

QUMY Dog Boots

Not every dog will tolerate footwear. But if your pup is open to the idea, booties can be a great way to protect his paws from rough terrain and hot pavement, while also providing traction on slippery surfaces.

These waterproof boots from QUMY are particularly popular among hikers. With a rugged, anti-slip sole, they’re designed to stand up to everything from sharp thorns to icy trails. When the sun goes down, the reflective straps add visibility.


  • Available in 7 sizes and a variety of colors
  • Adjustable
  • Waterproof
  • Reflective straps for easy visibility

Kurgo Pet First Aid Kit

Kurgo first aid kit

Even low-key hikes on familiar trails can be hazardous. Make sure you’re prepared to troubleshoot cuts, sprains, thorns, and other sticky situations with a pet first aid kit.

It’s easy to assemble your own. However, if you’d prefer to purchase a preassembled first aid kit, we love this one from Kurgo. Extremely compact, it squeezes 50 pieces into a durable, easily packable pouch. In addition to the basics (tweezers, antiseptic wipes, and gauze) it also includes helpful supplies such as a first aid guide, a thermal foil emergency blanket, and an instant cold pack.


  • Includes 50 pieces
  • Durable twill case
  • Interior zip pockets

Outward Hound Dog Pack

Outward Hound dog hiking backpack

Want to give your pup a job? A dog backpack will allow him to carry some of his own hiking gear.

Made from breathable, lightweight mesh, the DayPak Saddleback Dog Backpack is ideal for warm-weather hikes. Two storage compartments on each side have room for the essentials, while adjustable belly straps ensure a proper, balanced fit. We also love the cheery bright color, which makes it easier to spot your pup among the trees.


  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Lightweight mesh construction
  • Easy-to-see bright color

Fido Pro Airlift Emergency Dog-Carrying Harness

Airlift by Fido Pro for dogs

If your Chihuahua becomes injured or tired during a hike, it’s easy to carry him to safety. Large breeds, however, are much trickier. A stranded German Shepherd will likely require a call to emergency services.

Lightweight and ergonomically designed, Airlift emergency harnesses allow you to transport dogs up to 150 pounds on your back, even if you’re alone. The harness fits into an 8 oz. sack, making it easy to keep in the bottom of your backpack (where you’ll hopefully never need it).


  • Available in sizes medium (20-45 pounds) through extra large (70-150 pounds)
  • Additional accessories available for giant breed dogs
  • Lightweight

Fi Smart Dog Collar

Finster dog GPS tracker

Ideally, dogs should be kept on-leash during hikes. But accidents (aka squirrels) happen, and many dogs can’t resist an impromptu chase. And of course, some pet parents may feel comfortable letting experienced, well-trained hiking dogs explore on their own.

This is where GPS tracking comes in. For casual strolls, an inexpensive Bluetooth tracker may do the trick. These devices clip to your pet’s collar and connect to your phone, allowing you to track dogs over short distances.

If you’re a serious hiker, consider a more sophisticated device, such as the Fi collar. Waterproof and highly sensitive, the system communicates with three satellite positioning systems (GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo) to help track lost dogs, locating them within a 6 ft radius. It’s also the first tracking collar to utilize the LTE-M long-distance cellular network to help track, which is especially helpful in super-remote areas. Just choose your collar size/color and desired membership option to get started!

Regardless of your GPS device, always make sure your dog has an up-to-date microchip and traditional ID tags. Should you become separated, this is his ticket home.


  • Uses multiple satellite positioning systems and LTE-M cellular network to track and locate within a 6 ft radius
  • Monthly membership service
  • No cell coverage needed

Ruffwear Cooling Vest

RUFFWear Swamp Cooler

Overheating is a major concern when hiking in warm weather. Heat stroke is a dangerous, potentially deadly condition, and dogs should be closely monitored (or kept in the air conditioning!) on hot days.

If the weather isn’t extreme and you know your dog is up for a summer hike, a cooling vest can help keep him extra comfortable. Constructed from breathable mesh, Ruffwear’s Swamp Cooler vest has a lightly colored outer layer that reflects heat and provides wearable “shade.” To use the vest, simply dip it in water, wring it out, and place it on your pup – as the water evaporates, it will provide a cooling benefit that mimics sweating.


  • Available in 6 sizes
  • Easy-off side release buckles
  • Reflective trim 

Doggy Do Good Waste Bags

Doggy Do Good Waste Bags

Don’t forget your poo bags! Picking up after your dog is common courtesy around the neighborhood, but it’s also important when at the park or on the trail. Dog waste contains two types of pollutants–nutrients and pathogens–and can compromise both bodies of water and our drinking water supply, warns the EPA.

These waste bags from Doggy Do Good were designed with Mother Nature in mind. Made from cornstarch, they’re 100 percent biodegradable and break down within 90 days. And not to worry–just like your standard bags, they’re totally leak-proof.


  • 100% biodegradable
  • Fit in standard dispensers

Active Pets Back Seat Protector 

Dog Back Seat Cover Protector

Muddy paws and wet, stinky fur are telltale signs of a fun day—but your car may disagree.

A back seat cover will protect your car seats from post-adventure messes, as well as everyday occurrences such as dog hair, slobber, and sharp nails. This waterproof model from Active Pets is made from plush, durable, no-slip materials, meaning your pup is as pampered as your car seats. It can be used as a “hammock” to provide full protection to your back seat; as a bench-style cover if people are sitting with your pet; or as a cargo liner.

  • Fits any car or SUV with bench-style seating
  • Crafted from waterproof cotton
  • Non-slip surface