Classic, low-key collars suit some dogs perfectly. But for pups of the punk-rock persuasion, an edgier accessory is in order.

Looking for the perfect collar for your little Sid (Not So) Vicious? We’ve got you covered. From skulls to sparkles, we found the best spiked dog collars for four-legged rebels.

Our Picks

How to Choose a Dog Collar

In addition to style, there are some important things to consider in terms of collar fit.

Standard flat collars should fit comfortably around your dog’s neck. The general rule of thumb is that you should be able to fit two fingers under the collar, ensuring that it isn’t too tight or too loose.

Some dogs are more comfortable in a harness. While selecting and fitting a harness can be a bit trickier, the same idea applies: a harness should be snug enough that your dog can’t slip out of it, but loose enough that two fingers can fit under every strap.

Whether you are using a collar or a harness, make sure to attach your dog’s ID tags. Should your pup become lost, this is his ticket home!

Spiked Collar Tips

Chihuahua wearing a spiked collar

It’s important to note that when we are talking about spikes on these collars, we’re doing so for fashion’s sake—NOT for training purposes. Any sort of prong collar or spiked training collar that causes pain or discomfort for dogs is not something that we endorse.

Spikes should face outwards and not come in contact with a dog’s skin, and spiked collars may not be the best option for the dog park or playdates where your pup may come into contact with other pups or humans.

You should also keep your dog’s comfort in mind when choosing a spiked collar. Some studs and metal hardware can be heavy for smaller dogs—so consider your dog’s weight and size and pick a collar that is appropriate and easy for your dog to wear.

Our Top Spiked Dog Collars: What We Looked For

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When selecting the best spiked dog collars, we looked for the perfect balance of doggie fashion and function. (It’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it.)

In addition to being punk-rock ready, our top picks feature durable materials, comfortable designs, and rave reviews.

Best Spiked Dog Collars

Best Leather Spiked Dog Collar

Our pick:  Sharp Spiked Studded Leather Dog Collar

Sharp Spiked Studded Leather Dog Collar

This collar is the epitome of a studded collar for dogs. Featuring PU leather with studs, black nails, a righteous skull design, and metal fasteners, the durable D-ring makes it easy to combine with leather leashes or leads. Watch heads turn toward your dog when he’s rocking out with this trendy collar that boasts epic details. 


  • Made of PU leather at an affordable price point
  • Bronze or black choices 
  • Heavy-duty design
  • Available in small, medium, and large

Things to Consider

  • The rivets are very sharp, so do not allow your dog to play with other pets or people while wearing this collar
  • Very wide design so keep that in mind when ordering

Best Small Dog Spiked Collar

Our pick: Omni Pet Leather Studs-and-Spikes Collar

OmniPet Signature Spiked Dog Collar

Available in 7 sizes, this spiked leather collar will fit nearly any dog. However, unlike many designs, the width decreases with the length, meaning toy breeds won’t be overwhelmed by a bulky band. Rock on, petite pups!

This spiked dog collar is also available in a whole range of colors including a traditional black, punchy pink, rock-ready red, electric blue, and many, many more.


  • Available in 7 sizes and TONS of colors
  • Premium leather and sturdy double-stitching increase durability

Things to Consider

  • If you’re looking for a bolder look for a big dog, this narrow spiked collar might not fit the bill.

Best Studded Dog Collar

Our pick: CopperLeafLeather Studded Dog Collar

star studded dog collar

Studded dog collars don’t need to be boring or predictable. That’s why we love this colorful option from CopperLeafLeather. The rainbow-colored studs and hardware are sure to make you (and maybe even your pup!) smile, and you can even personalize it for an added adorable touch.


  • Available in multiple sizes.
  • Made from durable full-grain leather.
  • Rainbow metal rivets and hardware.
  • Personalization available.
  • Matching leash option sold separately.

Things to Consider

Best Customizable Spiked Dog Collar

Our pick: Mogoko Personalized Spiked Dog Collar

Customizable dog collar with spikes

This classic spiked collar features a reflective nameplate, which has room to include both your dog’s name and your phone number. Should Travis Barker or Johnny Rabone ever wander off, you’ll be a quick call away!

You can opt for the standard black or go wild with a purple option. We dig the narrow, pointy spikes for a cool, tough guy (or girl) look.


  • Available in 2 colors and 4 sizes.
  • Made from vegan leather.

Things to Consider

  • Custom collars are made to order, so factor in extra time for shipping.
  • Double check all spelling and phone numbers when ordering.

Best Pink Spiked Dog Collar

Our pick: Mighty Large Spiked Studded Collar

Mighty Large Spiked Studded Collar

Isn’t she pretty in pink with her spiked studded collar? Is your dog’s personality a bit edgy and on the raw side? This spiked collar is made of PU leather and alloy that is both functional and fashionable. The retro hardware and heavy D-ring help protect your dog’s neck. Suitable for medium and large-sized dogs, the buckle is electroplated bronze so it will not rust. 


  • Strong zinc alloy buckle
  • Microfiber leather inside 
  • Excellent quality grommeted hole fasteners
  • Flexible and durable without feeling stiff
  • True, rich pink color (other color options available)

Things to Consider

  • Very sharp spikes are not rounded off
  • Use caution with the sharp spikes around your skin or children
  • Sharp spikes may deter dog attacks

Best Red Spiked Dog Collar

Our Pick: Wellbro Spiked Red Studded Dog Collar

Red dog collar with spikes and studs

The color red is angsty and feels like a fit for our fiery canine friends, so we had to add this spiked red dog collar from Wellbro to our list.

The shimmery rhinestones give this wide collar some class and style, plus the wide width makes it stand out from the crowd. The spikes take up the middle row—which gives this collar the right amount of balance and order to what is definitely a renegade option.


  • If red is not your thing, this collar is also available in three other colorways.
  • Made with artificial leather—for our vegan dogs.
  • Offers strong alloy hardware.
  • Available in three adjustable sizes.

Things to Consider

  • The wide band may overwhelm some small pups, so just measure accordingly.

Best Novelty Spiked Dog Collar

Our pick: Didog Bandana Scarf Collar

spiked dog collar with bandana

If your pup’s style is a little “extra,” look no further than this stylish spiked dog collar. Complete with a punky bandana-style flap, you’ll be sure to turn heads at the dog park.


  • Available in 4 sizes and 3 colors
  • Made from vegan leather

Things to Consider

  • Some dogs may not tolerate the “bandana” portion and would do better with a more minimal design.